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Successful property investing calls for one key ingredient - planning. 

A rental property is a substantial financial commitment and you’ll achieve the best results if you take the time to get good advice and plan carefully before you act. To start off with, choosing the right loan to fund your investment is essential to maximise the return you receive.

As your local Mortgage Choice broker, Angela Hanly can help you compare hundreds of options from a wide choice of lenders and advise you on the finer details of each option that could save you money in the long term.

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How can I start investing? 


Before you start hunting for an investment property, it's worth considering several important factors:

  1. Crunch the numbers. It's important to determine if you are you well placed to afford an investment property, particularly during the inevitable periods of vacancy. As a guide, allow for around four weeks of vacancy per year and see if your finances can handle the cost.

  2. Consider your long term plan. Property can work best as an investment when you hold onto a place for the long term – at least five years, preferably ten or more. If you have major costs coming up in the next few years like a wedding or plans to start a business, think twice before sinking all your cash into a rental property.

  3. Know the market. Look for areas with a high proportion of renters – and this usually means suburbs that are well-serviced by public transport with lots of local amenities like schools and shops.

  4. Buy with your head not your heart. Find a property with low maintenance gardens, off-street parking and plenty of storage with built-in wardrobes and cupboard space. Think about what matters to a tenant and put your personal tastes to one side.

  5. Have the right loan in place. Your investment loan will play a key role in the success of your rental property. A competitive rate is important though loan features can be critical to managing cashflow.

As your local Mortgage Choice broker in Pymble, Angela Hanly can provide expert help and local knowledge to let you make the most of your first investment property. Call us today on 0481 979 189 to find the right solution for your situation. 

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