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Have been with Benny as our broker several years. From our first home to the investment property. Highly recommended. Nice and patience person with efficiency work. Thank you Benny

15 July 2024  


Benny helped our first home loan. Always fast answers from all of my question and guided us. Whole loan processing was smooth and quick.

We are appreciate your hard working And kind


14 July 2024  


Benny recently helped me purchase my first investment property and made the whole process smoother than I imagined. He was always available to answer questions by phone or text and was prompt with his replies.

He knows exactly what he is doing and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a mortgage broker. Thank you, Benny, for helping me achieve this milestone

12 July 2024  


Benny Yu was our mortgage broker for our first home and my partner and I highly recommend his services.

He worked diligently throughout the whole process to make things easy for us, and got us a comparatively good loan.

He was always available, and always responded to after hours texts and calls straight away which we appreciated a lot.

07 July 2024  


I strongly recommend Benny to anyone looking to purchase their first home. Purchasing your first home can be a daunting, confusing experience but Benny is very responsive, informative and always aims for what's best for his clients. Can't thank him enough for his guidance

01 July 2024  


Benny Yu, is a great mortgage broker who works tirelessly to assist us to purchase during hot market. Benny has provided great service with property valuation reports for potential properties. He helped us find the best loans and and interest rates, refinance multiple times to get the best deals and take advantage of promotional offers. I would definitely recommend his services if you want to save money and find a great value property, evidenced by prompt property reports and great customer service.

27 June 2024  


It was a great experience working with Benny for our first home loan. Although we didn't meet in person, the entire process was completed online. Importantly, we maintained good communication via phone and email, which was exactly what we needed. Benny is a professional and efficient broker. Highly recommend

25 June 2024  


It was a great experience working with Benny for my home loans. He is always responsive, professional, and knowledgeable, making the entire process incredibly easy for me. From start to finish, Benny was there to answer all my questions and guide me through every step with patience. I highly recommend his service to anyone. Thank you Benny

12 June 2024  


If I could leave 100 stars I would. My partner and I were buying our first home together and went with a different broker who said we wer pre approved and then two buisness days before finance was due said that we had no finance. My mother highly recommended Benny so we went in and saw him. He spent over an hour exploring and explaining our options saving us from having to pay mortgage insurance we had to put a little more down for a deposit but he explained why that is a good thing. Not once did he make us feel silly and he is very humble. In the end we didn't need an extension on the finance because Benny pulled through with finance and a good interest rate in time. We will both be going back to him for any loans or questions in future. I cannot recommend him enough.

05 June 2024  


I strongly recommend Benny Yu. We were the first home buyer with no experience in property market. Benny got us a good loan deal and patiently and professionally took us through the whole process until the day of settlement. We could not get any better service Very happy Pedram

04 June 2024  


I high recommend Benny Yu if you are in need of a mortgage broker.

From the start of the home loan process, Benny offered invaluable tips and patiently answered all my questions. He was very reliable and incredibly efficient when securing my pre approval, finalising the home loan, and in navigating the settlement process. Benny was also readily available and easy to reach.

Overall, Bennys knowledge and expertise made the loan process smooth and hassle free, I genuinely recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

31 May 2024  


Benny is absolutely awesome He helped us sooo much as first home buyers. Buying a home can be such an overwhelming process but Benny made it so easy for us and supported us immensely throughout each step. We can't thank him enough for helping us and without a doubt we would recommend him to everyone Thank you so much Benny

24 May 2024  


There is a reason why we keep going back to Benny with our new loans . Benny is always active and offers a range of options to suit our specific needs. He was professional and went above and beyond to ensure that we had the best mortgage solution for our need. We would like to thank Benny for his support with our recent property purchase.

20 May 2024  


Absolute pleasure working with Benny to buy my first home, he was able to find a great lender, interest rate and loan limit where the banks couldn't. Lots of communication and updates and he was able to answer every question I had, would 100 recommend Benny at Mortage Choice for anyone looking to buy.

01 April 2024  


We highly recommend Benny Yu. They were extremely professional, fast, solution oriented and demonstrated a level of expertise that truly set them apart.

One of the aspects we appreciated most was their availability. Whether we had a simple question or a more intricate inquiry, Benny was always prompt and provided thorough responses. This level of accessibility made the entire process smooth and stress-free.

Bennys dedication to delivering excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their work. If you're in need of mortgage assistance, Benny Yu is your go to you won't be disappointed

25 March 2024  


I am grateful to Benny Yu from Mortgage Choice at Garden City Shopping Centre for his exceptional service throughout the mortgage loan process.
From the outset, Benny demonstrated professionalism and efficiency, setting him apart from other mortgage brokers I've encountered. Upon meeting him in person to initiate the pre-approved loan process, I was impressed by how swiftly and seamlessly he guided me through the necessary steps. Compared to previous experiences, working with Benny was refreshingly fast and straightforward.
One of the most remarkable aspects of Benny's service was his unwavering availability and willingness to address my questions or concerns. Despite being overseas, I found managing the paperwork required by the bank to be challenging. However, the loan process proceeded smoothly with Benny's expert guidance and the assistance of the Australian High Commission overseas to certify and notarize my documents.
Benny's commitment to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for his clients is commendable. His dedication to outstanding customer service is evident in every interaction, and I felt supported and informed throughout the process.
I wholeheartedly recommend Benny Yu to anyone in Brisbane needing a mortgage broker. His expertise, efficiency, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to anyone navigating the complexities of the home-buying process. Thank you, Benny, for your exceptional service and for making my house-purchase journey a positive one.

11 March 2024  


Benny helped us through the process and was always available to answer questions.

09 March 2024  


I recently had the pleasure of working with Benny Yu from Mortgage Choice at Garden City Shopping Centre. I am grateful for his exceptional service throughout the mortgage loan process.
From the outset, Benny demonstrated professionalism and efficiency, setting him apart from other mortgage brokers I've encountered. Upon meeting him in person to initiate the pre-approved loan process, I was impressed by how swiftly and seamlessly he guided me through the necessary steps. Compared to previous experiences, working with Benny was refreshingly fast and straightforward.
One of the most remarkable aspects of Benny's service was his unwavering availability and willingness to address my questions or concerns. Despite being overseas, I found managing the paperwork required by the bank to be challenging. However, the loan process proceeded smoothly with Benny's expert guidance and the assistance of the Australian High Commission overseas to certify and notarize my documents.
Benny's commitment to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for his clients is commendable. His dedication to outstanding customer service is evident in every interaction, and I felt supported and informed throughout the process.
I wholeheartedly recommend Benny Yu to anyone in Brisbane needing a mortgage broker. His expertise, efficiency, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to anyone navigating the complexities of the home-buying process. Thank you, Benny, for your exceptional service and for making my house-purchase journey a positive one.

06 March 2024  


I am a first home owner. The process was scary and stressful but Benny has been amazing in his communication via emails, texts , and calls. Especially during the Christmas and new years period. Benny was very proactive in his reply and answered my concerns throughly and made sure I understood the information given. As well, Benny guided me through the process and advised me on what to do next which helped me a lot during my purchase process and settlement. I do highly recommend Benny to anyone looking to purchase their first house

13 February 2024  


What a seamless first home buying experience I had thanks to Benny I highly recommend Benny, he was always available to answer any question we had and could trust that the advice given was honest and realistic. Thank you so much for being an absolute asset to the whole buying process, from start to finish.

05 February 2024  


Benny at mortgage choice has been an absolute pleasure to deal with when purchasing my first home. He is knowledgeable, helpful and will go out of his way to keep you informed and make sure you feel comfortable. He always answers his phone or replies promptly, and has made a stressful process extremely easy and fluid. I cannot recommend Benny enough, very professional and friendly. A

23 January 2024  


I would highly recommend Benny most definitely to my family and friends. The entire experience myself and my wife had in purchasing our new home was truly professional. Thank you for the great communication on every step of the way and making a stressful situation stress free. Benny was just brilliant and followed through on everything during the entire process. He was very quick in responding to our queries and was very knowledgeable dealing with our concerns. His calm manner and immediate responses made the stressful process feel smooth and seamless. Whenever we had issues with FMS and banks Benny informed us on time to make sure everything is going in perfect way and finished everything at the right time. I would highly recommend Benny and Mortgage Choice financing to everyone.

22 December 2023  


Simply put, Benny is an outstanding mortgage broker.

Being a first home buyer, there were many unknowns when it came to obtaining a mortgage and also the process of purchasing a property. However, Benny made this entire process stress-free and easy to understand.

At each step of the way, he provided sound advice and was always happy to answer and explain any questions that I had. He consistently sends updates on the loan application and is always just a phone call away if there was anything I needed to discuss. He is trustworthy and follows up on every email and SMS that I sent.

Once I had provided the required documents, Benny was able to obtain an unconditional approval for my loan well within the finance dateline of the sales contract.

I recall the first time walking into his office feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to even get started but looking back now, I wonder why I was ever worried. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a property to speak with Benny - you will not go wrong with that decision.

12 December 2023  


Benny is a very professional mortgage broker. He provides an excellent and honest advice in selecting the right loan for us. He is also a very patient with his customer, attentive to customer needs, and work through obtaining finance approval before the contract ends date. He has a good relationship with the lenders and know forehand whether the loan application will be successful and have the right estimate on when the finance approval is due. Overall, I recommend Benny as one of the best mortgage brokers around Brisbane.

29 November 2023  


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Benny, an incredibly seasoned and professional broker. From the moment I approached him for assistance with my home loan refinance, Benny's unwavering commitment and expertise were apparent, making the entire home loan refinance process seamless and efficient.

Benny's amiable and approachable nature immediately put me at ease, cultivating a comfortable atmosphere for discussing my financial requirements. His extensive experience in the field shone through as he navigated me through the complexities of the home loan refinance procedure, showcasing a profound grasp of the market and its intricacies.

One of Benny's standout qualities was his proactive approach to expediting the settlement. He tirelessly worked to hasten the process, acting as a liaison with the bank on my behalf and advocating for a swift resolution. His efforts went above and beyond, exemplifying a commendable commitment to ensuring client satisfaction.

Throughout the entire journey, Benny ensured I was well-informed about the progress of the settlement. Regular updates were provided, elucidating any developments or addressing potential challenges that arose. This transparent communication fostered a strong sense of trust and reassurance, affirming that my financial matters were in capable hands.

Benny's dedication to securing the best possible outcome extended to his meticulous comparison of interest rates offered by various banks. He invested the necessary time to thoroughly analyse and evaluate each option, ultimately assisting me in identifying the most suitable one for my needs. This meticulous attention to detail underscored his dedication to achieving optimal financial outcomes for his clients.

I cannot speak highly enough of Benny. His professionalism, friendly demeanor, and unwavering dedication to his clients distinguish him as an exceptional broker. If you require financial guidance or assistance with your home loan, Benny is undoubtedly the expert you can rely on to deliver exceptional results. I sincerely thank Benny for his exceptional service and for transforming the home loan refinance process into a positive and rewarding experience.

23 November 2023  


Benny is very nice person, it is my first home after relocating to Brisbane, from that period of time I am not familiar with house purchase process, he gives me a lot advice as first home buyer, He is always fast responsive and patient when I have questions to finance and settlement process.

20 November 2023  


Benny provided the BEST customer service. I am a first home buyer and he found the best loan possible. I felt supported during every step of the way and with his transparency, knowledge, kindness and attention to detail I would not recommend anyone else Thank you Benny

12 November 2023  


29 October 2023  


My partner and I went to Benny for our first home loan and are so pleased with the service he provided. He was supportive and listened to all the questions we had, regardless of the time and day we always had a prompt response We highly recommend Benny and will most definitely use him again in the future.

17 October 2023  


I have to thank Benny so much for his fantastic support and guidance throughout my first home buying experience
It took over 12 months from when I first approached Benny to apply for a finance pre-approval at his office, and still with his help I finally managed to settle my property today.
Benny has been very approachable and professional with not only finding a great home loan product for me, but also patiently gave his time to understand my property goals, kept up regular communication during the purchasing process and shared valuable observations in a fast moving market.
I would be more than happy to recommend Benny for his friendly service and advice for achieving property goals.

10 October 2023  


Benny helped and guided me through my first house buying journey. During the settlement period, we went through several valuer inspections with different bank. its hard esp these days most properties were overpriced and home loan rate is incredibly high. little discrepancies between valuation under value and purchase price means that I have to fork out more savings to the deposit.

We work out together and find out the most suitable loan which gives me the maximum loan amount and reduced interest rate.

I will strongly recommend benny to be your home loan lender specialist if anyone of you came across similar situation like me.

29 September 2023  


Benny is a motivated mortgage broker who is thorough, professional, knowledgeable and honest. Benny was able to provide settlement on my refinancing with 12 days of our 1st meeting. Best broker in QLD

20 September 2023  


Benny was helping us refinancing our home loan. Our experience with him was incredible.Benny is an excellent communicator, always provided us the best financing advice. Benny is a very trustworthy and reliable broker, we will definitely recommend Benny to our friends in the future.

19 September 2023  


Highly recommend. Benny was very helpful for buying a property. Appreciate quick response as well.

19 September 2023  


Benny was very professional and helpful throughout the home loan process. Highly recommend.

03 September 2023  


Our experience with Benny Yu - Garden City was excellent
He is very professional in all he does and says ,
He will definitely get you a better rate than you will get dealing with the banks directly.
Thank you Benny for all you have done for us,we will definitely recommend you to family and friends.
Dont worry about the rest, go to the BEST broker in brisbane

01 August 2023  


Strongly recommend Benny Yu for his professional service and expertise in Mortgage and property market Hes also considerate and patient and always gets back to his client in a timely manner. As a first home buyer, without his warm attitude and encouragement, I wont successfully go through the process within 2 months.

21 July 2023  


Benny was helping me refinancing my home loan. He explained to me which bank suits for me for my condition. He provided with all set good deals and I was happy for the service. Thank you Benny and I wish you all the best for your business.

14 July 2023  


I recently had the opportunity to receive assistance from Benny who helped me successfully process my mortgage. From the beginning to the completion of the transaction, he showcased remarkable professionalism and service.

Benny possesses extensive knowledge of the mortgage market. He patiently listened to my requirements, explained various loan options, and presented me with competitive choices that aligned with my financial goals.

He maintained excellent communication throughout the process. Promptly addressing my inquiries and providing regular updates on the progress of my loan, I always felt well-informed and confident about the status of my application.

Benny demonstrated great attention to detail. He carefully reviewed the documentation, ensuring accuracy and expediting the loan approval process.

Overall, I highly recommend the services of Benny. His expertise, personalized service, and focus on detail contributed to a smooth and hassle-free mortgage experience.

Once again, I extend my gratitude for his outstanding service

30 June 2023  


Refinanced with Benny, he was quick with paperwork kept me updated.

27 June 2023  


My experience with Benny at Mortgage Choice Garden City was incredible.
My son was wanting to purchase his first property and I also needed assistance in choosing a lender to give me the best interest rates.
Not only did Benny patiently take the time to explain everything clearly, he provided us with detailed information to allow us to make informed decisions.
He guided us from our first appointment right through to the final result and has completely satisfied our financial needs.
I would recommend Benny at Mortgage Choice to anyone who needs assistance with their financial and mortgage needs.
It was a pleasurable experience.
Thank you Benny

20 June 2023  


I have worked with Benny through all the process of purchasing my first home and now refiancing my loan. Benny is always very professional, efficient and well-organized. 1000 recommended

07 June 2023  


Mr Benny Yu in Mortgage Choice has helped me to apply mortgage and refinance for more than seven years. He always offer me the best choice based on his professional knowledge and experience. I trust him and recommend him to all my friends.

23 April 2023  


Benny provides exceptional service and outstanding results. After a lengthy and disappointing experience with a previous broker, Benny secured us unconditional approval extremely quickly. He completely exceeded expectations, is responsive and is proactive in providing updates. I wholeheartedly recommend engaging Benny - he is just incredible to work with.

24 March 2023  


Our experience with Benny was awesome
He completed our settlement in record time and it was a very easy process. We would definitely recommend Benny to our friends and family in the future.

23 March 2023  


I cannot thank Benny Yu enough for his professionalism, assistance and overall support with refinancing and land and construction loan. He goes out of his way to support through the whole process. Thank you Benny and thank you Mortgage Choice

17 March 2023  


I switched my broker to Benny after having a bad experience with another broker. Benny is always reliable and provides you with comprehensive advice.
He is easy to talk to and is an excellent communicator. If you are a first-home buyer, I 100 suggest getting Benny to help you. It will make your life way easier

05 March 2023  


Benny was extremely helpful with assisting us in refinancing.

Unlike my past brokers, Benny was very genuine, patient and extremely helpful. Most importantly, Benny was a fast actioning person and a good communicator which I valued highly.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Benny to anyone requiring a mortgage broker. I would definitely be returning to Benny for any future financing advice.

25 February 2023  


Benny was very supportive and went out his way to assist with the entire process. Benny had always available to answer my queries, provided his professional advice, secured the loan I required, ensured the process was smooth and without delay. Highly recommend his services.

09 February 2023  


I could not thank enough for Bennys service and professional guidance in purchasing our first home. As a first home buyer, we were clueless about the whole procedures and Benny has been very patience and helpful. Everytime when we had questions, he responded right away with best advice and tips. We could tell he is very experienced and knowledgeable about markets right away when we had our first meeting with him. So grateful to having Benny as our mortgage broker.
He is very reliable and efficient at his work. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a professional mortgage broker.

22 December 2022  


Good service
Very polite customer service
Very help tips and idea for the home loan

20 December 2022  


Being a first home buyer, I wasn't too sure on the whole process. I went to meet with Benny to talk over my options.

From our first meeting, Benny was very patient and understanding. He explained everything with great knowledge and made sure I understood the process before continuing. He understood my situation and was happy to answer my queries thought-out the process.

I am now a homeowner and would highly recommend Benny to anyone who are looking for a good broker.

30 November 2022  


Benny at Mortgage Choice was the reason my partner and I were able to build our first home. He has supported and guided us from the very beginning, and even pushed my partner to learn how to save money Benny is very knowledgeable and diligant in his work. He informed us on how much we needed to save for a deposit, provided us with various financial lending scenarios for both pre-exisitng homes and building, helped us choose the right bank with the best interest rates for our loan, and ensured we had all the correct documentation completed in swift succession. He worked with us for over a year while we went from buying a pre-existing home to building our own home and buying off the plan land. He is truely incredible at his job and we are very grateful that we were able to find someone as committed to our future as we were. We will definitely begoing back to Benny to buy our second home.

18 November 2022  


Awesome, as a first home buyer Benny help me with everything I needed, professional and understand my situation, I will definitely recommend Benny, thank you so much Benny, really appreciate your help.

15 November 2022  


Im very lucky to have Benny as my broker patient, thoughtful, efficient and professional. As a first home buyer thats fresh to absolutely everything, the process of finding a first home can be very daunting, but with Bennys assistance, this process has been made so much easier and smoother. Hes always willing to answer any questions I have and with his professionalism I always feel reassured. I truely appreciate his hard work and Im very grateful I came to Benny straight away, having him as my mortgage broker through my first-home buying journey. I will definitely recommend Benny to anybody who is looking for a reliable broker with no hesitation. Thanks again for your assistance

03 November 2022  


Three years ago I said they the best and still saying the same . They help in any situation you got and give you best advices with...

25 October 2022  


Benny is very knowledgeable, helpful, and proactive in following up. Highly recommended

15 October 2022  


Thank you Benny Words cannot explain how thankful we are and how much we appreciate your time and how patient you we're dealing with us YAY Today marks the day we got our SETTLEMENT All thanks to you First home owner for me and my Partners 2nd No doubt we will definitely be coming back to see you again when we purchase another home.
Highly recommend Benny if you're lookingneeding a reliable, honest and helpful Broker. He truly goes out of his way, explaining what documents he will need etc .. So if you're looking for an awesome Broker Benny is the Broker for you ..
Thanks again Benny

05 October 2022  


Great customer service. Really good experience with Benny Yu as our mortgage broker for the purchase of a first home. Would definitely recommend to others and for future purchases.

16 September 2022  


Benny is an amazing agent and definitely an asset to the Mortage Choice Team.Benny has helped us get our first home in the city.He has guided us all the way from what owing an home could feel like to making it happen.Wouldnt change a thing on our first home journey.If you want to trust someone help you make the right choice,Benny is your guy.Looking forward to adding more properties to our portfolio in the future and definitely with Benny being our Mortage Broker

15 September 2022  


Quick and excellent service

17 August 2022  


Benny recently helped us with refinancing our house. He was able to secure a loan with CBA for us which other brokers said not possible to do. During the whole process, Benny was professional, efficient, patient and super nice and friendly. He gave us clear instructions and explained everything we needed and wanted to know. Benny was recommended to me by a friend whom Benny helped with a home loan, and like my friend, I definitely recommend Benny with no hesitation.

02 August 2022  



31 July 2022  


Benny has been very helpful in guiding us through the mortgage process for financing a new residential build. He is very patient at explaining the different options and always followed through with the actions, which meant our house was able to be settled on time. Benny provides a high level of service and was always contactable when required. I would be happy to recommend Benny to others.

21 July 2022  


Benny provided a responsive and efficient service, which supported me to achieve my loan goals.

17 July 2022  


Thank you Benny for helping us with our First home loan, refinance and now with our second Home loan. You make process so simple and easy to understand by explaining in layman's terms and by guiding us through the process.
I will Highly recommend Benny from Mortage Choice to anyone who is looking to buy their first home or investment property.

11 July 2022  


Benny Yu provides excellent service and open communication. He is professional and very easy to understand. I recommend him for mortgage services.

11 July 2022  


After a bad experience with a bank we sought a broker to help us along in our home ownership journey. We were looking for unbiased advice, a straightforward and honest assessment of our situation, and a broker who would work hard to help us out. Benny Yu gave us exactly that, as well as being a pleasure to deal with. If you want to know you are getting the right loan this is your guy

04 July 2022  


Benny has been very helpful with refinancing our home loan. He has been very responsive, efficient and professional. I would strongly recommend Benny to assist with any finance needs.

27 June 2022  


I would like to say thank you Benny for his assistance at Mortgage Choice in Garden City for my home loan application of my recent experience for a dream home.
Since first consultation of my finance budget with Benny a month ago, he has provided a few scenarios which gave me an understanding of my purchase power. Subsequently when I handed in a signed contract, he has processed my home loan application very effectively. Very soon after, I have received bank's approval letter of my loan. In fact, I am amazed that the home loan application can be achieved by such short period of times.
Additionally Benny has guided me on every single step from loan submission to settlement which are very educational and I have learned a lot during the whole process. I have never thought that a home loan application can be a stress-less.
I recommend Benny's services as he has provided his expertise, knowledge, clear and honest communication so that I can achieve my goal and I believe he will be offering the same services to anyone with the same situations.
Thank you very much Benny.

17 June 2022  


Benny was hard working and proactive in tailoring a mortgage to suit our needs. He displayed a great deal of patience and understanding in guiding us through the application process. We are very happy with his service and would recommend him without hesitation.

17 June 2022  


Excellence services. Benny had provided me with comprehensive advice throughout my first home purchasing journey. Benny had guided me through every steps of the loan process, answered all my questions in a timely manner and ensured my understanding with knowledge to make a right choice.

17 June 2022  


Benny was so helpful and made my whole experience really easy. He explained everything very clearly and managed to help me refinance my home loan extremely fast. I would highly recommend him to anyone look to refinance or just for financial advice in general.

17 June 2022  


I strongly recommend Benny, as a first home buyer, there are so many unknowns, but he helps everything on time. make our life easier. thanks

17 June 2022  


Excellent service, professional and efficiency manner, highly recommended to friends as good choice

17 June 2022  


Benny was a massive help throughout my new house purchase. He guided throughout the entire loan selection process, giving voice of reasons with his expertise in the industry, especially during the booming market. He was very prompt with the comms as well, which was really helpful to keep me on track on any updates. Saving me tons of headache from all the paperwork
Definitely recommend his service

17 June 2022  


I was lucky to have contacted Benny in Brisbane as we were from New Zealand, he is a local experienced mortgage broker who has great patience for guiding us through the whole lending process. Especially, he assisted us to get everything done within TEN business days including submission till settlement. We were touched by his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable for our unconditional purchase and deadline.
Many thanks to Benny for answering our questions for many late nights and weekends. We truly appreciate his honest and efficient work and will definitely recommend Benny to anyone, particularly for any first home buyers or property investors seeking for a quality Australia mortgage service.

17 June 2022  


Benny helped us refinance our home loans and purchase another property. Throughout the process, he acted professionally and responsively.
We are able to achieve ideal result. We highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a financial representation.

17 June 2022  


The number 1 broker Seamless process, I will be back Benny

17 June 2022  


Absolutely satisfied with the services provided by Benny. I highly recommend Benny for any loan service you required. The most efficient and patient advisor.

17 June 2022  


Benny came recommended to me and I am glad he did
I was going to get a personal loan for car with very high interest rates. Benny said NO And got me a rate no one could beat
Highly suggest trying Mortgage Choice in Garden City - Benny is a great man. Thank you

18 May 2022  


Cannot thank Benny enough for his patience and effort he put in for my finance. Initially we went through ANZ bank, but the valuation fell short. I was already at the verge of giving up buying. He called me a few days later said that he found out St George bank has a better deal and benefits with a lower interest rate. I would have thought when a financial advisor found a plan for you, if it didnt work then it is not their problem. But Benny actually put effort in the background, researched all the possibilities to get me to my final goal. He genuinely interested in his clients, professional and lighthearted, he put clients interest first and is someone with warm heart. If you think about finding an advisor, Benny is the man you want. Cannot recommend him enough Thank you so much.

18 May 2022  


Benny was recommended from a family friend as a reliable professional with high attention to detail. As a person, Benny is one of the most patient and kind person I have ever met. Benny does not only helped us to achieve our maximum loan capacity but also provided us the best recommendation as first time home buyer and methodology for future investment. Our situation was a bit risky and difficult to deal with but he made the impossible become true. I will recommend Benny to anyone who is looking for a property finance or any other broker related business. He is absolutely the best and a life worth friend. Thank you Benny

18 May 2022  


Benny is really helpful for our first home purchase He kept providing great advice and is very reliable and efficient throughout the process. We are really happy and appreciate for all the help I would strongly recommend Benny to anyone who are still looking for a good broker

18 May 2022  


Being first home buyers was so much less stressful and daunting thanks to Benny from Mortgage Choice He went above and beyond to ensure we were informed throughout the entire process, and was also a constant source of support and encouragement trying to navigate such challenging property market. Excellent communication and very professional - big thank you, from some very happy homeowners, and would 100 recommend

18 April 2022  


Benny Yu is highly recommended, very fast response to my many questions, speed to action everything and wealth of knowledge took away all my concerns.

18 April 2022  


I strongly recommend Benny Yu to everyone, who is going to purchase house, townhouse even apartment.
Without Benny's professional and efficient service, we could have not purchased our first home in Brisbane, also i am happy to choose Benny as my mortgage broker.

16 February 2022  


Benny is a patient and knowledgeable finance broker. He understood our situation and replied to our queries very quickly, even during weekends and holidays. He is very professional. The whole process was smooth and without delay. Highly recommend his services.

16 February 2022  


We recently had finance with Benny. Benny was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. He knows the best, gives excellent advice and responds very quickly even on weekendsafter hours holidays. We satisfy 100 with his service and highly recommend

16 February 2022  


Benny is extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. He assessed our needs and secured a great mortgage product for me after very patiently explaining my full range of options. He also kept me fully informed during the entire process. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so.

16 February 2022  


Benny was very supportive during the entire process. Benny replied to my queries very quickly, even during weekends and holidays. He is very professional. We got the required home loan. The whole process was smooth and without delay. Highly recommend his services. I believe you cant find a better broker than Benny.

16 January 2022  


Weve gone through multiple lenders prior to meeting Benny. Benny from Mortgage Choice is the most patient and most knowledgeable financial advisor Ive encountered. He understood our situation and guided us on how to maximize our property value. Without him we were not able to refinance and purchase a new property in such short time in this fast-moving market. Highly recommend Benny and can confidently say that he exceeded our expectations.

16 January 2022  


Benny was extremely helpful throughout my journey of purchasing my first home.
Our first meeting broke down my options and Benny was patient with explaining everything to me as I was completely new to the process and jargon associated with it. I was eligible for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and approval came smoothly after we worked through the application.
My experience in the 2021 market was very turbulent with quickly rising prices and extreme competition. Despite all the challenges of purchasing a property this year, working with Benny was excellent and he did not hesitate to answer a call or ring me back straight away.
After 6 months of searching I was fortunately able to land a good property and Benny was quick to get documentation through and get me sorted for settlement.
I very much appreciate the help Benny was able to provide me and definitely recommend anyone in my position first home buyer to have a chat with him.

16 January 2022  


This is the second time we are using Benny for our home loan. First time we were first home buyers and now refinancing. Both the times he did a fabulous job. We had recommended him to many of our friends and everyone were 100 satisfied and all had successful applications with Benny. He got us the best deals every single time and very patiently explains everything. Communicates regularly and keeps us updated on the status and answers every single query. I'll recommend him 100.

16 January 2022  


Exceptional 5 star service is what Benny provides, we first spoke to him when we were in Adelaide and he went through all of our options with the documents that we had provided, it was a long process before we actually bought our house but no matter what part of the process we were at Benny was always available to provide assistance.
through every stage of buying a property he will try to make the process as simple as possible.

16 January 2022  


I highly recommend Benny Yu to anyone regarding home loan finances and am very much impressed with his professional service. He walked me through all the process as it was my first house buying
No 1 mortgage broker in Qld

16 January 2022  


efficient and trustful. Benny helped us to settle in 2 weeks

16 November 2021  


I'm extremely grateful to have had Benny as my mortgage broker. Throughout my home buying process Benny was professional, patient and always prompt with his responses even after hours I was able to purchase my home stress free and with ease because of Benny.
Thank you for always going the extra mile to ensure that I was on the right track Benny. It has been my pleasure to work with you

16 November 2021  


Very professional. Thanks

16 November 2021  


Benny is very reliable and trustworthy who can you trust and rely on when you are looking for some professional support during the stressful home hunting journey. I have landed my ideal property with the great support from Benny. Hard working and very responsive

16 November 2021  


Great broker. Trouble free and professional

16 November 2021  


Benny was incredibly helpful throughout the entire buying process, right from the initial consultation.
I'd heard horror stories about some mortgage brokers dragging their feet and causing issues by filing paperwork late or not meeting deadlines. That couldn't be further from the truth with Benny. I never had to chase anything up, he handled everything promptly and always kept us in the loop.
He looked closely at our situation and recommended a product that met our needs actually saved us thousands on up-front costs.
On quite a few occasions I sent late night or weekend emailstxts asking questions and Benny would give me a call or email within the hour. He really went over and above which made the whole process stress free.
Couldn't recommend him highly enough

17 October 2021  


Many thanks for Mr Benny ,he is professional broker, you can trust him,he always concerns customer 's benefits.
Help us solve the problem, very good communication and quickly respond

17 October 2021  


Very professional, thoughtful and helpful with guiding us for the refinancing process. Recommended and will definitely use his services again in future.

17 September 2021  


Very professional, reliable, thoughtful and considerate. Always good and immediate communication with us. Will definitely recommend to the others

17 September 2021  


There were some problems during my loan process, but they were solved perfectly with Benny's professionalism, patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. Finally, the house purchase was successfully completed. It is a pleasant experience. It is highly recommended for those who need to buy a house or who want to know about buying a house to choose him. You will never be disappointed. I will recommend it to my friends and continue to choose him the next time I buy a house.

17 September 2021  


We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm. Some have yachts, some have canoes and some are drowning. Our hope of having a house almost wiped off until we met Benny Yu at Mortgage Choice. Since that day, he has not just given us hope but he took our hands and walking along with us. He is professional, knowledgeable and willingness to guide us at all times, no matter what questions we had, what time of the day, which day of the week. Once we reached out, hes here. We could not thanks him enough for all his support. THANK YOU

17 August 2021  


I highly recommend Benny Yu to anyone regarding home loan finances and am very much impressed with his professional service. Helped me through the whole process and was very diligent and responsive with his advice. It was a pleasure to consult and talk finance with him. No hesitation, Benny is an expert mortgage broker.

17 August 2021  


Benny has been fantastic, from the very first meeting right through to signing the loan documents. Excellent advice, responsive and friendly. You will not regret using Benny, and we cannot recommend him highly enough.
Forever grateful, regards Nathan and Robyn.

17 August 2021  


With Benny's professional, efficient and caring service we bought our first home. Benny is very proactive and fast in replying compared to previous brokers we had approached. He even spent his weekend time for our convenience. Benny helped us find the best lender and lowest interest of course which help us saved a lot of money. I am strongly recommending Benny Yu from Mortgage Choice in Garden City to all my family and friends that require professional financial advice with their home and personal loans.
Thank you very much Benny.

17 August 2021  


18 July 2021  


Not all banks offered a loan on the property type I was purchasing so I decided to try out Mortgage Choice at Garden City. Benny had been extremely accommodating and helpful from the moment I engaged his services. His communication was clear and regular. He made me feel at ease and understand exactly what was happening throughout the finance approval process. I would definitely recommend talking to Benny in order to save time in finding the right mortgage option for you. I know I will definitely be keeping in touch with Benny for future investments going forward.

18 July 2021  


I went to Benny after reading the reviews on here and I couldnt be happier with his service and the outcome. I found Benny very professional and he looked out for what best suited my circumstances. Everything was SO simple and STRESS FREE He organised all the paper work and explained everything to me in simple and easy to understand language from the start to end process. In hindsight, I wish I could have found Benny years ago when I had to engage directly with banks when buying property and refinancing - it could have saved me thousands. I have now referred family and friends and will continue to do so. Benny is honest, patient and works hard to get you the result that you are happy with

18 July 2021  


Benny was professional and clear throughout the whole process. Being first home buyers, My wife and I appreciated his patience as we asked ridiculous questions. The home loan and house purchasing game is a challenging one for the uninitiated and Benny was able to cut us a clear path and help us every step of the way. He was infinitely accessible not only via email but also by mobile. Our phone calls to Benny were a near daily occurrence as we tried to understand the difficult terminology and wrestle with our different options. And, no matter how often we harassed him with tedious questions about the minutia of the deal, he always calmly and gladly repeated and re-repeated what we needed to know.

18 July 2021  


It was an absolute pleasure working with Benny. Being a first home buyer, Benny guided me through the process and worked with me closely over many months as I searched for properties up until the final purchase and settlement. He was always quick to respond, kept me updated and and informed throughout the pre-approval process as well as the purchasing process. He was available at any time to get on the phone at and answer my questions. I highly recommend Benny to anyone who is looking to purchase a property.

18 July 2021  


Benny was very helpful throughout the whole process from pre-approval to formal approval. Also, he provided reports every time when I needed it and it was very prompted He doesnt waste your time and he does know what he is doing definitely. I would definitely recommend him. If you need a reliable and responsive broker then dont look further.

18 July 2021  


Outstanding service from Benny He truly has the whole package - excellent service, great communication, dedication, very informative and much much more. I will absolutely refer all my friends and family to him. Thank you Benny

18 July 2021  


What I really like about Benny's superior service is the computer monitor turned to face the client Complete transparency, absolute personalisation, excellent communication. No more banks And now, one year and a bit later we went to see Benny again...and this time the results were even better He was appreciative, helpful, encouraging and thoroughly professional. As I wrote before, NO MORE BANKS

18 July 2021  


Benny has been really helpful with refinancing our loan. He is very experienced, professional and kind. I would highly recommend Benny to my family and friends.

18 July 2021  


Benny is very efficient, friendly and helpful. He will make sure you have the best outcome in your loan. He helped us refinance our 1st house. It was very time efficient and went smoothly every step. Our 2nd house we decided to purchase landbuild. He try to help us have the best outcome and helped compared each bank. Thats what you need, when it comes to building your home or buying a property to invest or live in. You need to know that person is willing to help you every step along the way. Benny is very professional and will go the mile for his clients. I would definitely see Benny again for further help in the future. Thanks Benny

18 July 2021  


Great service, highly recommend it to anyone who needs professional mortgage advice.
Benny Yu has been a great help for my case. He managed to secure the best deal from Westpac and guide me through the whole process extremely patiently and professionally. I would simply recommend him to every one.

18 July 2021  


Benny was the best among all brokers we have dealt with in the past. We have known Benny for few years and advice and strategy he gave helped us lots. Always responsive, always clear answers to our questions, he has an expert knowledge and experience in the field and handled our case extremely well although our case was tricky. Best of all, we got what we want, and we are looking forward to dealing with him again in a couple of years to reach to our next goal. Highly recommended. Thank you, Benny

18 July 2021  


I highly recommend Benny to anyone. He was very professional and helped us get a mortgage hassle free. He kept us informed at every stage and went above and beyond what we expected. Thanks Benny

18 July 2021  


Benny is very professional, efficient, friendly, helpful and an amazing person to deal with. He helped me with refinance of my property and got the best deal with the lowest interest rate and cash back offer. He also found me a good solicitor to do the conveyancing of my property. He took my calls after hours, weekends and was keep updating me with emails and text throughout the process of my loan approval. I highly recommend Benny Yu from Mortgage Choice in Garden City to all my family and friends and to anyone that require professional financial advice with their home and personal loans. Thank you so much Benny for all your help and support.
Robin Kumar

18 July 2021  


Benny from Mortgage Choice is an extremely efficient worker. We were worried about settlement deadlines, but Benny seemed even more worried for us, setting not just our needs, but our wants as the goals for his work. We were touched by his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable meeting loan deadlines.
In our case, the bank approved our loan on a Monday which meant that, under normal circumstances, the Monday two weeks later would be the earliest possible time that a settlement can be made. Benny's efficient work following up on the loan process and liaising daily with the bank, FMS and even our solicitors accelerated the entire loan process and allowed the settlement to occur on the very Friday that our loan was approved. By achieving the impossible, Benny helped us avoid costs upwards of 2,000.
We've been nothing but delighted by Benny's honest and efficient work. Would definitely recommend Benny, without any bars, to anyone looking to apply for a mortgage.

18 July 2021  


Being first home buyers, I am really stressed out specially during this tough world situation and considering my visa status. How lucky my friends recommended Benny to me He is extremely professional, calm and caring his clients. He straightaway worked out his numbers, explained what type of loan and the suitable lender. He worked out a very realistic approach without over promising or confusion. Always happy to update me during the whole process , was very patient answering all of my questions. I won't hesitate to recommend Benny to my friends family if they are looking to deal with a transparent and honest broker like him Thank you Benny, very much appreciated

18 July 2021  


It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Benny for our complex loan application.
Benny is a very professional mortgage specialist with excellent communication skills. He has not only demonstrated his premium quality of customer service and also provided best suited loan package to us. Super organised professional and guided us through the entire loan process step by step. While we were on the short and demanding loan approval time frame, Benny has provided personalised and very strong support to us to obtain the loan approval. Personally, hes a delightful person to deal with. His extreme dedication, trustworthy, extremely reliable, fantastic customer service attitude are the great keys to success.
Really appreciate Bennys hard work to help us to obtain our new home hassle free. We highly recommend Benny to all loan applicants If you need a home loan expert, Benny is your go to person.

18 July 2021  


Benny has been superb from start to end of my application.
He responded to queries within minutes.
He guided me through the whole process and patiently explained everything.
He made it a stress free process.
His customer service was amazing. Felt like he treated me like a friend.
He wasn't biased with his opinions and I never felt that he was there just to make money.
He was fair and honest.
Thanks Benny.
I would recommend him a 100 times over.

18 July 2021  


My friend recommended me to Mortgage choice and I went to Benny as my nearby local broker. I can say that I had a right choice because his service is absolutely amazing. I am a first home buyer with limited knowledge of buying house. However, with his assistance, I found a home loan with best deal interest rate and had huge savings on LMI and obtained my mortgage approval easily, timely, without hassel. He was with me every step of the whole process in manner of professional, efficency and trustworthy. He always kept us informed and was quick to respond to as many questions as we had. Once again, thank you Benny for all your help with buying my first lovely home. I highly recommend him to anyone.

18 July 2021  


My wife and I are in our first home, thanks to Benny at Mortgage Choice in Garden City. He did an amazing job, helping us every step of the way, from organising finance at a great interest rate to finding a solicitor that suited our needs perfectly. 5 stars, highly recommended

18 July 2021  


Benny helps us with refinance. He is very responsive and professional. He has helped us choose the right lender offering competitive interest rates. Thanks Benny

18 July 2021  


From our first phone call, Benny has been helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to work. Helped us refinance and buy a new home for our family. We recommend his services

18 July 2021  


As a first home buyer, I knew very little. Benny helped me step by step helping me getting things done. I purchased my first property and I would highly recommend Benny.

18 July 2021  


Benny is very professional and knows what he does. He doesn't give unrealistic expectation but delivers what he promised. Very good service. Highly recommended.

18 July 2021  


Benny is really professional Mortgage broker.Highly recommend to whoever needs advices and help on your home loan.Will definitely go back to him for my next property purchase.

18 July 2021  


Amazing service, efficient and friendly. No need to go anywhere else if youre looking for a mortgage broker. From beginning to end the process was seamless. Every time I had a question Benny responded quickly and with the info I needed. Absolutely faultless Highly recommended
We asked Benny to refinance our mortgage the second time and he made the whole process simple and straightforward. He saved us a lot of time and effort with his experience, knowledge and insights. Thanks to Benny we got a fantastic rate and saved us plenty of money. Do yourself a favour and book in to see Benny

18 July 2021  


18 July 2021  


Benny Yu is simply the best He is really great and easy to deal with. He helped us from the very beginning to the end including our insurance. Having no knowledge of buying a house, he helped us all the way. We can say that he is the best person we've ever dealt with. He is always there for us even giving us tips and what to keep an eye on when buying a house negotiating. He is really honest and trustworthy. We are really thankful for all the assistance he has provided us. If you are looking for a broker, we definitely recommend Benny Yu at Mortgage Choice. He is the best

18 July 2021  


Benny made the whole process of getting a loan as a first home owner simple. His knowledge and experience was a valuable asset and I would highly recommend his services to any first home buyers looking for help getting finance.

18 July 2021  


Benny has been extremely helpful in in our first home buying process. He always responds promptly even 10pm on the weekend and thoughtfully with great advice. From the beginning to the end, he has been consistent in his professionalism, patience and quality in his response. We feel vey fortunate to have Benny as our broker. There has been some complications with our solicitor at the end, he went out of his way to help us. We feel that we have been valued as friends, not just clients. Thank you Benny Highly recommended

18 July 2021  


Benny provides an excellent mortgage broker service and experience. He had our loan approved very quickly and kept us informed every step of the way. Thank you Benny, we are very grateful.

18 July 2021  


Good service. Very helpful and explained very detail regard with my home loan refinance.

18 July 2021  


Benny was a wonderful help with our financing issues, his high-efficiency and responsibility at work are really appreciated. With his excellent help, we got our mortgage approval in only one day He is a very reliable person you can trust.

18 July 2021  


Benny's been amazing. He's delivered personalised and VIP service from helping us find the most suitable loan to applying and escalating with the lender, and he's taken ownership of our best interest through the whole process. With his quick turnarounds and quality service, we managed to obtain the lender's approval within a very tight time frame, which has been massively helpful for our purchase. More importantly we have had the priviledge to enjoy peace of mind through the journey so far which would have been rather stressful without Benny's support.

18 July 2021  


HIGHLY Recommend Benny yu of mortgage choice in Garden city, Mount Gravatt.
Over the past 12 months i have been through different mortgage brokers for getting the loan. I found Benny during my visit to garden city on SATURDAY. I found he is brilliant , got very good expertise, attitude is worldclass. He got contacts of very good professionals. He introduced me with Jeff - solicitor who processed my qld property. I found him very friendly. Jeff introducted me Srinivas from Melbourne to deal with property in Victoria as i will have to complete some legal formalities so that i can get refinance on current property and use the equity for new property purchase. All the process process went smootly without any tensions.
I Highly recommend Benny to my friends and i am very much impressed with his service.
Thanks Benny for everything you have done.

18 July 2021  


Benny was amazing throughout the entire lending process.
I live in Sydney, and my parents in Auckland, New Zealand, but Benny made the lending process a super streamlined experience for all of us. He was easy to deal with, understood all our needs, and also constantly available. More often than not, Benny was the one reaching out to me with updates or checking up on how things were going in my end, even though he had no obligation to do so.
Benny even helped chase down solicitors, banks and other organisations involved in order for our documents and resources to come in at the settlement deadline. At the end of the process, Benny sent me an email saying congratulations, but I felt like he did all the legwork.
Would be giving Benny more than 5 stars if there was an option to do so Thank you so much

18 July 2021  


Benny is a fantastic communicator and a great point of contact for any of your loanfinancial needs. Benny is a very trustworthy and reliable mortgage broker who is with you every step of the way. We recently refinanced our home and Benny was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process, keeping us informed and touching base with us several times to ensure that we were consitently in the loop with where things were at. He is very considerate and operates with a 'big picture' mind. He also found us a great interest rate I could not say anything negative about his services and I would highly recommend him to anyone, whether you are just starting out or have complex financial needs. Thanks again Benny

18 July 2021  


18 July 2021  


Benny is very efficient and professional. He always try to find the best option that suits our family. I would highly recommend him.

18 July 2021  


Our dream came true because of Benny. It's a long story and we never thought of buying house in a good location, but we finally have been successful because of Benny. Without him we would have purchased a town house but Benny not only secured the loan for a house but also provided a great support during the purchase process. Many thanks Benny again

18 July 2021  


Without Benny's professional, efficient and caring service we could have not bought our first home. He guided and coached myself and my wife from the very start to reach our main goal of getting into the housing market with the right property. Benny is very proactive and fast in replying which we found fantastic, making a big difference compared to previous brokers we had approached. Benny helped us find the best lender, as well as giving us plenty of options in the market. We are very honoured and pleased to say we have made it. We bought our first home
I am recommending Benny Yu from Mortgage Choice in Garden City to all my family and friends that require professional financial advice with their home and personal loans.
Thank you very much Benny for all your support, for all the late night and after hours emailing and txt replies. You are simply the best of the best and we thank you for listening to us and for making our first home buying experience so easy and smooth.
Juan Ospina and Catherine Morales

18 July 2021  


Benny is AWESOME He is so prompt and professional and details exactly what he needs from you when doing your application - he is also a JP which comes in very handy when you need one to witness mortgage documents which trust me is annoying when you have to try and find one He always answers the phone and emails almost immediately all hours and he is always so happy We love Benny

18 July 2021  


18 July 2021  


Benny from Mortgage Choice has provided exceptional service to me since my dealings with him over the last 6 months with my residential loans. His responsiveness is second to none and he will go above and beyond to find you a product that suits your circumstances.

18 July 2021  


I was fortunate to meet Benny who has helped me identify a lending scenario that suits me better than others.
He is very efficient in preparing the paperwork and lodging the application and is very responsible and responds to my questionsrequests in a super timely manner even during his leisure time. Benny proactively follows up with the lender for me and through his service I successfully secured a refinance outcome that has proven to be the best option.
I would recommend Benny to anyone who would like to maximise the value out of their home loans.

18 July 2021  


Benny goes above and beyond for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone

18 July 2021  


Benny went above and beyond to help us with what we needed in a competitive housing market. He was accessible at anytime even after hours in addressing my questions prpromptly throughout the process and finding me the most suitable lender . He was able to escalate our application to ensure we meet the timeline. His communication has been excellent and he was absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Benny to anyone who is after stress-free mortgage brocker service.

18 July 2021  


Ben went above and beyond when assisting me secure the loan for my first home. He was attentive and was always reachable via phone to discuss or clarify any of our concerns. Ben was a great help and was incredibly knowledgeable.

18 July 2021  


Benny was just the person we needed to help us buy our first home. He kept us in the loop every step of the way and was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. He made sure that the process was as smooth as possible and kept our worries at bay.

18 July 2021  


Benny was helpful from the start...made getting my first home so easy and pleasureable...really nice and professional guy...I highly recommend

18 July 2021  


I used Benny Yus' services for finance for a new property and was extremely pleased with his professionalism and knowledge. He made the process an easy and painless one. He worked very hard and made sure I was updated along the way and more importantly he was always available if I had any questions.. which were a lot .
Thank you Benny

18 July 2020  


My Husband and I would love to recommend Benny we are both self employed and we where on a high interest rate with our mortgage. In the past getting a loan being self employed was alway a long difficult task and always stressful From the moment we met Benny we felt at ease it really was a fast and easy process for us Benny was very professional to deal with and kept us informed the whole way through. We now have a very low rate home loan and a bit extra from some Renos . Thankyou very much Benny we would love to give you ten stars not five .

18 July 2020  


Me and my husband were very grateful for the help and advice of Benny Yu. He helped guide us through the process of buying our first home. We strongly recommend him.

18 July 2020  


Benny was very helpful with thr purchase of our first home, not only did he assist us to locate the right loan he also sent us every property report we requested, an there were a LOT, in a very timely manner. We'll definately be going back to him to in the future.

18 July 2020  


Benny is the best broker I have ever seen and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a financial broker. He helped me with a few loan applications and showed plenty of patience along the way, and gave me valuable advice on which bank to choose. He is professional, patient, diligent and passionate about his career. No matter how big the drama is in your application, he will nail all of them. Well done Benny

18 July 2020  


Im so glad to have found Benny to help me with refinance recently. He gave very practical advices and thoroughly recommended options for me as if they were for himself. He made the entire process a breeze for me, followed up with the bank timely, and welcomed any questions I had.
He was such a pleasant to deal with, and really went above and beyond to help. Truly appreciated, Benny

18 July 2020  


Benny was very accommodating and informative. Felt more confident with our decision after walking out of our meeting with Benny.

18 July 2020  


I was very happy with the service Benny gave me at Mortgage Choice Garden City. Benny is great to work with. He kept us well informed and made the whole process easy, seamless and stress-free. Benny communicated well and was easily contactable at all times. He is very professional and always has gone the extra mile for me to make sure all milestones took place as planned and on time. We couldnt recommend Benny highly enough, well done

18 July 2020  


I am a first home buyer and fell in love with an amazing 2.5 acre property. As the banks seen this property as a high risk due to bush fire and had several issues including termites it was a nightmare getting finance. Benny yu was a champion and no matter what we had to do he never gave up once even after 3 different lenders and how stressful it was for me and my family benny kept a professional and enthusiastic attitude and didnt stop until we finally got the property we wanted. Over a month and half of stress finally was all over and very much worth the struggle. I would highly recommend benny yu to any first home buyer or anyone looking for a great mortgage broker

18 July 2020  


Benny has been a great help during my refinance to Westpac. The process was transparent and he showed great passion in trying to understand our financial situation and gave professional advices. The details in his service that sets him apart from other brokers was his timely and detailed response to every single questions i have raised. His response were always started with a phone call and then complemented by an email. I would not hestiate to recommend him to anyone that needs mortgage services.

18 July 2020  


Fantastic Thank you Benny for getting me a great deal on my home loan. I definitely recommend you

18 July 2020  


Benny - well done and thank you for your professional services.
I definitely like to recommend Benny to everyone who is looking for a friendly mortgage broker with broad knowledge on current market, explain well, act fast and keep you inform on loan application.

18 July 2020  


Third time work with Benny, with 2 home loans and 1 car loan. Very helpful from the stage of preparing paperwork all the way to settlement. Thumb up for Benny

18 July 2020  


We almost gave up in purchasing our dream house as our bank lenders said we couldnt get the refinance and thereby sufficient loan for it. It is until one day I met Benny on a friends house warming party and the next day I came to Bennys office in Garden City where he explained my financial situation and what I could do to optimise it, I realized that I could get more than just a house though upgrading our current home. Benny very well understood my situation and my needs and worked me the best deal. With his rich experience and knowledge we finally got the refinance and had sufficient for our new home, what more important is, we are in a REAL investment position Thanks to Benny who is always fetchable and patient for our questions, his prompt reply and quick actions to both ours and the banks requests make the process easy and quick and stress free for us. I highly recommend Bennys service to those who is seeking advices on applying home loans, as well as the ones who want to optimise your current investment combinations.

18 July 2020  


Fantastic professional service, will definitely recommend to anyone.

18 July 2020  


I was with another mortgage broker until I knew Benny. Another broker only suggested certain banks but Benny provides numerous banks and products that I can choose from. He understood my needs, my situation and acted accordingly. I got my first loan from Benny and I also did refinance from him as well. Totally satisfied.

18 July 2020  


We are grateful for Benny and his level of expertise.
He was thorough, professional, and went beyond our expectations to assist us through our first home purchase.
We couldn't recommend Benny highly enough.

18 July 2020  


18 July 2020  


As a first home buyer, at the beginning I have no experience at all for home loan. I thought applying for home was very difficult and complicated. Thats why I was a bit hesitated to go for house hunting at that stage. In fact, I accidentally met Benny at the airport once a time when I travelled back to my home country. We had a bit conversation about home loan at the airport. I was so impressed by his professional skills and the message that he told me there was nothing complicated things in applying for home loan. This brought me heaps of energy and confidence. When I came back to Australia after finishing my travel, I directly came to his office which is located at Garden city, he explained to me very well for a variety of loan types. He made me feel simple for loan application. He professionally talked about both pros and cons for the fixed rate and variable rate. I basically just provided some documents that he required. His loan service was very efficient, and I got my pre-approval loan letter very fast. I really appreciate his professional skills and efficient outcome. Also, during house hunting, house contract and prior to settlement, I always give him a call for advice, he is really helpful and patient.
I strongly recommend Benny Yu to any first home buyer who needs loan service. He is the best.

18 July 2020  


I would highly recommend Benny to anyone looking for a home loan especially first home buyers. He has been extremely helpful and patient. He was always there to and willing to answer our many questions

18 July 2020  


While another broker said we couldnt get the refinance Benny from mortgage choice helped us with his experience and knowledge and hard work. We finally got the refinance with good interest rate and bonus from the bank, thank you Benny

18 July 2020  


Very pleasant experience working with Benny. Remarkably switched on, efficient, and communicates clearly every step of the way.

18 July 2020  


The loan manager of this store, Benny Yu, is a very trustworthy person. Since I intend to buy a house from a loan last year, Benny has been patiently answering any questions I have raised. When applying for a loan this year, I also provided patient and professional answers to every question I raised. My wife and I are very satisfied with Benny's service. Benny will always give me the loan method that best meets my own conditions. The loan approval is fast and stable. In short, there will be loan demand in the future, I will definitely choose this store.

18 July 2020  


Quick and excellent service

18 July 2020  


Benny is an Amazing individual. He knows the business so well, you cannot go wrong. Very honest and gives you so many options. I would really recommend anyone looking for mortgage, try him out first. Best of all he communicate to you at every stage, always available to talk to when unsure of something.
Thank you Benny once again for all your assistance.

18 July 2020  


Today I am so excited, as I just have my refinance settled. Very appreciated for Benny's professional mortgage brokering service. From the beginning my finance position wasn't good enough, until later my finance circumstance improved, Benny has gave me very useful advises and assisted me to get my refinance approved eventually.
Benny always respond in timely and prefessional manner. Now I got my new loan at much lower interest rate, and also getting a few grand of cash rebate for refinancing from the new bank...
I am so happy the refinance settled just before Easter. If anyone is looking for finance service, I definately will recommond Benny for the advice and service.
Happy Easter

18 July 2020  


Being a first home buyer, the process of finding a suitable loan and working through all the paperwork seemed like a daunting task at first. However, Benny made the entire process transparent and easy to understand for us. He helped us find and secure the loan that was exactly right for us and it was a pleasure to visit and talk finance with him. He payed a lot of attention to our personal situation and always gave us the feeling of being in good, professional hands. Highly recommended.
Thanks Benny

18 July 2020  


My husband and I highly recommend Benny. Personally I have never met a broker who is so good at keeping his words and is willing to go the extra mile to make the best deal happen for us. The whole process was smooth and easy. Thank you Benny for all your great work.

18 July 2020  


I am extremely grateful to Benny, who helped me to get my first ever home loan and was always professional and kept his client's best interest in mind. The COVID-19 situation has posted great challenge to home loans, with banks tightening their policies, however, Benny not only helped me secure a home loan, but also at a great interest rate. His compassion also helped me greatly to get through this different time. I would definitely recommend Benny for your finance needs.

18 July 2020  


Amazing work, highly recommended. Benny is one of the most professional broker I have come across, very reliable and get the job done. Plenty of communication during the processes and make people feel in good hands. Thank you

18 July 2020  


Benny is the 'Bank whisperer'
If you value clear and timely communication combined with expert advice, go and see Benny and let him take the hassle out dealing with the banks.
Right from selecting the lender best suited to my needs to settlement, I knew exactly what was going on. Thanks Benny, highly recommended to all.

18 July 2020  


Benny was extremely helpful throughout our entire home loan approval process. Being a first home owner, he was always more than happy to help us with any questions we had and responded very quickly. I would highly recommend Benny to anyone looking at buyingbuilding their new home

18 July 2020  


Benny very helpful and patient in explaining the detail. Always follow up with the progress. Highly recommended

18 July 2020  


Thanks to Benny, I could settle my home loan without any hassle. Benny was quite helpful and quick to respond. Loan was approved in time. Great experience with him.

18 July 2020  


I have loans from Benny. And my friend had 1. All went very well. He response quickly. very helpful, and make me feel like a friend of him rather than a customer. I recommend Benny.

18 July 2020  


Benny is amazing and I cant recommend him highly enough. As a first home buyer, the whole process seems pretty daunting. But Benny was able to explain everything to me in a way which I could understand. He knows his stuff and is very thorough. He presented me with really good options and we eventually came to a great deal with a lender I never would have even known existed before. He is super responsive to communication and put my mind at ease during every step of the process and answered my many questions along the way. Benny took all the stress out of sorting out my first mortgage and gave me so much help. He really went above and beyond. Beyond that- hes just a totally lovely and funny guy so its a pleasure to work with him, he knew I was stressing out and was so reassuring. I have already recommended him to others and I will also return to Benny myself in the future -

18 July 2020  


Benny was an excellent advisor for us when we were looking for our first home loan. Very efficient and clear communication, he explained all our options to us. He went above and beyond to make sure we had all the information to help us make the right decision on our home. Highly recommended.

18 July 2020  


this is the first time I bought house in Australia, Benny is the best mortgage agent in my opinion. He is very reliable and good. He is very patient with me in the past few months until i got a mortgage. You can tell Benny really wants to help his customers. 5 stars for Benny

18 July 2020  


Benny provided a professional friendly service and we found him very approachable knowledgeable to make our buying processing without hassle. He helps us to get the finance approval within 2 weeks for purchasing an auction property. Also, he always goes above and beyond to ensure everything went through on time. Hence, I would like to recommend Mortgage Choice Garden City to my friend and everyone I know. Thank you very much, Benny

18 July 2020  


Very good Broker. Benny is very patient and professional. He can always give me useful advices and reply clients questions and needs promptly. Highly recommended.

18 July 2020  


I still can't recall how I came into contact with this amazing gentleman, Benny Yu or who referred him to me.
We were looking at purchasing our first home in Logan City area from almost a year or maybe more, viewing various properties online and attending open homes and visiting display homes. During the process we entered our details on so many different sites on Facebook or other websites that at times when telephone calls were received it was difficult to recall when and which site we have visited.
We interacted with so many Real Estate personals, Building consultants, Builders and Mortgage brokers and so forth. A lot of them even visited our rented house providing their best package deals, however, some three months back I received a telephone call from this softly spoken Benny Yu and his few words made me commit for a meeting in his office in Garden City, tried for a change. Prior to this we were meeting everyone in my own comfort zone our rented house.
First meeting with Benny Yu, similar to others he also asked about our plans, budget etc. It was easy to spill the answers as we have doing that for quite long, but where to from there. There were few options Benny provided to us which was totally different from others and looked purely realistic and achievable. That was the turning point in our approach towards our first home and it is hard to believe that now we own the same property which we have renting from more than three years. The simplicity in Benny's advise created an impact which made all the difference and we now consider ourselves very fortunate to take that time out of our comfort zone to meet Benny Yu.
Without any hesitation, I will definitely be recommending any potential buyers or investors that ever would seek for my advise and also urge others to consider this highly talented and approachable, Benny Yu of Mortgage Choice.
Gyanandra Sarita
Regents Park, QLD 4118

18 July 2020  


Amazing service I couldn't believe that my finance was approved so quickly and I got my new car on the Christmas Eve. I had a such great Xmas by driving my new SUV to the beach with my family. Thanks Benny You make things happen. Strongly recommend.

18 July 2020  


18 July 2020  


Strongly recommend Benny for Home Loan Services especially for someone first time buy house. He is professional and very helpful. He always confirm any updates, which makes me less stressful. Thank you very much.

18 July 2020  


Benny provided exceptional service when we applied for a loan. His dedication and knowledge ensured we got a fantastic deal. I highly recommend Mortgage Choice Garden City

18 July 2020  


Very detail and thoughtful. Always update us with latest news and follow up with bank and FHOG. Our first mortgage broker and highly recommended for whoever need advice in home mortgage

18 July 2020  



Benny Yu is incredibly good! Assisted me above and beyond throughout the home loan process. Benny is not only simply acting as my mortgage broker, but also an experienced financial advisor. i found myself very fortunate of having Benny to look after my case - and have achieved the best result!

L.Dennis ( Financial Controller)
21 July 2019  



Benny helped us out above and beyond to accelerate our loan through to make our offer competitive. Awesome personal service and thank you Benny!

Z.Leong (Major - Australian Regular Army)
21 July 2019  



The team at Mortgage Choice has been extremely helpful. A special thank you to Benny for being professional and on top of the case. Even when he was on holidays, he never failed to provide updates about my loan. Applying for a first home loan can be extremely stressful, especially if you're not sure what to do. Benny provided guidance every step of the way and made the experience very straight forward. So again, a huge thank you.

M.Zhang ( Coffee Shop Owner)
21 July 2019  



Used Mortgage Choice Garden City when looking to purchace my first home.
Excellent service and expertise provided by Benny.
Benny was very helpful at explaining and guiding me throughout the whole process while frequently updating me with the progress. Extremely organised and efficent with establishing finance with a lender, overcoming a small hiccup along the way.
100% satisfaction, strongly recommend using Mortgage Choice Garden City.

A.Reynolds (Mechanic Technician)
21 July 2019  



Benny Yu is so attached with you and he treats the loan as his own loan and carefully details every step. He is so good at the process and follows up regularly and ensures everything is done on time. I would recommend Benny 100% for mortgage loans. His predictions are excellent, he is a legend. He explained the benefits of each of the loans by doing all the math and goes the extra mile in everything. For a single income person like me he did the best to get the maximum loan. Kudos Benny & Luke. keep up your good work.

J. Jesuadian (IT Specialist)
21 July 2019  



Good service, had my refinance approved in a very short time. Benny is one of their best staff, he helped me working out the best refinance plan. Cheers!

F. Wu (Mechanical Engineer)
21 July 2019  

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