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The service was outstanding and quick. I highly recommend Beulas service.

24 April 2024  


Beulah assisted us in purchasing our third investment property. She is very professional, eye to detail, efficient and set realistic goals for the whole project. Beulah is knowledgeable and knows her numbers which makes it easier for us who had minimal experience in property investment happy to work together in future as we are growing our investment portfolio. Thank you so much Beulah Kufa and your team you are Amazing -Munya and Chipo.

21 April 2024  


Beulah was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the entire process of purchasing my first home a lot smoother than I had anticipated. She is knowledgeable, understanding and thoroughly explains everything you need to know at every step. I highly recommend her service

27 January 2024  


Beulah helped me to refinance my home loan. I was extremely impressed with her service. She kept me well informed throughout the process which gave me a peace of mind.
What was a highlight for me was the turnaround time from the date of submission to the date of an unconditional loan approval Beulah made sure we had submitted everything they would require and no questions were asked
Beulah is knowledgeable and professional. I would recommended her services.

26 January 2024  


Just settled another investment property using Mortgage Choice and Beaulah has been amazing.Her professionalism and efficiency is exceptional.I strongly recommend Beaulah from Mortgage Choice

06 January 2024  


Beulah was an absolute lifesaver when I needed to refinance as my interest rate went up crazy. I had a messy experience with my previous broker but Beulah gave me faith
She was so knowledgeable, understanding always quick to respond. Even outside of her working hours.
The whole process was easy and effortless because she was so caring and is an effective communicator. Thank you Beulah for all your help. Highly highly recommend

06 December 2023  


Was a pleasure working with Beulah, on refinancing, my home loan Highly recommend seeing Beulah as she is a honest broker who will thoroughly explain everything to you to get you the best possible deal.

05 December 2023  


It was a great pleasure working with you, Beulah. You were so responsive, knowledgeable, empathic and going above and beyond to assist us with our needs and providing the best options for us towards getting our first home. Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to working with you in future.
If you are ever looking at getting a home or refinancing without any hassles especially if you are not experienced or knowledgeable about anything mortgage, Beulah is your go-to person and I will highly recommend her services. She is very efficient and will work with your best interest at heart.

22 November 2023  


Beulah was so helpful in the process of helping us secure our forever home. Even when we were a bit inexperienced with the process of navigating finance approval mortgage terrain. It was great experience as she gently and firmly guided us. She was respectful to our needs and circumstances and used her expert knowledge to help us get a great deal.
Its amazing watching her work as her deep passion for what she does is portrayed in how she handled our case is if it were for her own place.
Thank you so much Beulah. Our family has a place to make lasting memories. We couldnt have done it without you. I highly recommend your service. Very holistic and professional.

31 October 2023  


Thanks so much for your great work

30 October 2023  


I am quite happy with the service I received from Mortgage Choice. Everything went on smother and faster than anticipated considering that me and my family recently relocated from Africa. Your work is really amazing. I also appreciate the patience from you through and through the whole process. I will confidently make referrals should I come across anyone in search of similar services.

21 October 2023  


Lovely experience with Beula. She listens to what you have to say and assists you to achieve your goals. Looking forward to working with her again and again as I kick more goals.

03 October 2023  


I got my first house with Beulah before so of course there was no one better I trusted with the job of getting my house refinanced. It was so smooth. She was there every step of the way. She answered every vague email I sent with informative responses, was flexible the whole way through and stayed tapped in to every email so she told me what I needed to know to stay on top of things. With that being said, she was refinancing my house while also helping me get a car loan. Which to be honest, just shows how multifaceted this woman is because I didnt know that kind of thing was still in her domain. But the only regret I have is that I didnt buy my first car through her, it would have been so much easier, I swear. I recommended her to a friend of mine that wants to buy a house next year and after one conversation with her, he acknowledged her expertise and is pushing to stay in touch with her. Fingers crossed that he stays with her because shes the only one I trust to get things done.

04 September 2023  


Beulah helped me with the process of refinancing my home loan after my fixed term interest rate expired. I was in a different State from hers, but this did not hinder any progress.
Beulah is very knowledgeable and she kept me well informed of the progress.. I managed to secure a lower interest rate for my home.
I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to refinance a home loan. She is very efficient and will help you secure a better rate.

09 August 2023  


I had the pleasure of working with Beulah as my mortgage broker, and I couldn't be happier with the exceptional service she provided. From the moment I reached out to her, I was impressed by her responsiveness and professionalism.
Beulah's knowledge in the mortgage industry is truly impressive. She guided me through every step of the process, explaining complex terms in a way that was easy to understand. Her expertise gave me a sense of confidence and trust throughout the journey.
What truly sets Beulah apart is her empathic nature. She took the time to understand my financial situation, my goals, and my concerns. It was evident that she genuinely cared about finding the best mortgage solution for me. Her ability to connect on a personal level made the entire experience much more comfortable.
But what truly amazed me was how Beulah consistently went above and beyond. She tirelessly searched for the best possible options, negotiated on my behalf, and ensured that I was well-informed at every turn. Her dedication to her clients is truly commendable.
Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Beulah to anyone in need of a mortgage broker. Her responsiveness, knowledge, empathy, and willingness to go the extra mile make her an invaluable partner in the home-buying process. Thank you, Beulah, for making this journey a smooth and successful one

09 August 2023  


Beulah was very thorough and on top of the whole process. I would highly recommend her to help out with the remortgaging process.

27 July 2023  


Beulah is very quick and efficient in her response times and is happy to answer any questions regarding the finance process, loan application etc. I highly recommend her service.

11 July 2023  


Beulah is always a superstar in terms of service, the level of dedication is absolutely outstanding. She treats the application for a loan like its her own, amazing help and she will always be our Mortgage Broker of Choice. This is our 3rd with her. Thank you Beulah and Team Mortgage Choice

31 May 2023  


I was absolutely happy with the service I received from Beulah and Tea. Friendly and professional. They helped me get finance for my car. The whole process was easy and successful. Beulah went out of her way to make sure I got what I needed. Thank you guys

29 May 2023  


Working with Beulah on the journey to buying my first home with my partner was wonderful. She was incredibly responsive and gave us tailored advice that perfectly suited our situation.
As first-time home buyers, we were grateful for Beulah's excellent communication skills, helping us understand concepts in a process new to us.
Thanks to her attention to detail, the process was smooth and efficient. Her warm and friendly nature made the experience even better

26 May 2023  


Beulah was incredibly helpful in assisting me get a mortgage for my new home. She is very knowledgeable and professional and kept me fully informed of progress I would recommend her services to others any day. Fantastic service . Thank you so much

16 May 2023  


Beulah assisted me with the process of refinancing my home home loan to achieve a lower interest rate with a bank that best suits my needs.
Beulah provided me with informative options that would best suit the outcome I wanted to achieve for the present as well as giving me the knowledge and support for my future financial goals.
I highly recommend Beulah to anyone who is looking to achieve the best in your financial wellbeing and goals.
Beulah is knowledgeable, efficient and organised. she provides her services with confidence, consideration and always a smile.
Steph D

16 May 2023  

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