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Investment loans in Landsdale, Yanchep, Hillary’s & surrounds

Whether you already own a home or not, investing in property can be a smart decision for your financial future. And the first step to a successful investment is an amazing investment loan. Loans for investments differ from regular residential loans in several ways, including different interest rates, conditions, and buying costs such as stamp duty. 

If you’re a first-time investor, Beulah Kufa can help you decipher new concepts, such as positive and negative gearing, and guide you through the process to make your journey as smooth as possible. And even if you’re an experienced investor, Beulah can ensure that your new loan leaves you in the best position for success as you add to your portfolio. No matter your circumstances, Beulah will sort through the wide variety of loans at her disposal to be certain that yours matches your needs and goals. With Beulah Kufa as your mortgage broker in Yanchep and the surrounding areas, you can be sure that you are getting expert advice that you can trust.

The benefits of investing in property

There are many positives to choosing to invest in property, including

  • It doesn’t require any trading experience, unlike other investments
  • It is a physical asset, which can be appealing
  • Potential for capital growth
  • Rental incomes
  • Possible tax benefits

However, it’s important to also consider costs like maintenance and property management when considering if property is the right investment for you. As a tangible asset, it is also not very flexible should you need to access funds quickly. 

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Commercial property investment

If investing in residential property isn’t for you, you might want to consider commercial property instead. This type of investment can have many benefits, including longer leases. Of course, there are several drawbacks, like longer vacancy periods, that come with this. 

If you’re thinking about buying commercial property as an investment, talk to Beulah Kufa today to discuss all the positives and negatives, and how they apply to your personal situation. Beulah is ready to help you improve your financial future!

Property investment information

Learn more about investing in property in our handy - and free! - downloadable guide.

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