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There is a lot of upside to investing in property, but making sure you have the right financial structure in place is the first step. Whatever your investment strategy is, Mortgage Choice can find you the finance to match. 

It may be your first or tenth investment property, but either way, you're going to need someone you trust to support you with the investment loan process. As an investor, you want to minimise costs and maximise returns. At no cost to you, the Mortgage Broker Tea Tree Gully & Golden Grove team will search through available investment loans from over 30 lenders to find one that matches what you want from your finance.

Mortgage Choice are investment loan specialists

Just as it's important to research the market for the ideal investment property, it makes sense to shop around for a loan that offers competitive rates and fees while still providing the flexibility you need to make the most of your investment. 

  • We have a wide range of loans. It's important to have a wide range of lenders & products, so you have the freedom to choose your features & set-up. We have over 30 lenders on our panel!
  • Expert advisers to get you there. We know where to look to find a great investment loan for you, and which lenders love supporting investors. We then negotiate on your behalf.
  • We're available when you need us. That's the beauty of having your own broking team! If you have any questions, or need to chat about your loan - we're available to talk it through.
  • We continue monitoring your loan after settlement. We want to make sure that your loan isn't costing you more than it should. We continue monitoring your loan & comparing it to the market after settlement. We'll let you know when it's time to review.
  • We can help you with more than residential investment. While residential lending is by far the most common, we can help you find loans to access commercial investment opportunities, or anything else you want to explore.

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Using equity for investment

Releasing equity in an existing property is a popular way that many people start their investment portfolios. If you have been paying off your mortgage diligently in a booming housing market, it's great to know you can put it to good use building future wealth. 

To find out how much equity you have, you’ll need to get a property valuation. Then, you can access some of your available equity by refinancing to invest or you can take cash out of your home loan and renovate your home. If you are ahead in your home loan repayments and have a redraw facility, you may be able to access the excess funds.

We can help! The Mortgage Choice in Tea Tree Gully & Golden Grove team can figure out how much equity you have available and what investment loans you would be able to access. 

We're on your side

Chris & the team would love to advocate on your behalf and make the investment loan process easy. Give us a call about your next investment loan! We are a mobile team and can come to you throughout Adelaide. 

Call Chris from Mortgage Choice on 0432 600 138 or book a call below.

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Our team service the areas of Tea Tree Gully, Golden Grove, Greenwith, Wynn Vale, Modbury, Modbury Heights, Holden Hill, Highbury, Hope Valley, Para Vista, Redwood Park, Surrey Downs, Houghton & wider Adelaide. 

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