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Craig Pitman

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Highly experienced in all aspects of home lending, Craig Pitman’s mortgage broking service is delivered with a focus on each customer’s individual circumstances and objectives.

“My first priority is to listen and establish what my customers’ goals are, then help them discover and strengthen their strategies to achieve those goals,” he says.

Craig’s career in banking and finance spans 20 years. He has held management positions in the financial services and insurance industries; and has worked with national home lenders and managed teams of home lenders for major banking brands. 

“My professional background has given me exposure to a wide range of scenarios and events that can affect the customer through the borrowing process, from enquiring about a loan all the way through to settlement and beyond,” he says. “I leverage this in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market and associated processes to drive positive outcomes for my customers.”

One of Craig’s strengths as a mortgage broker is his ability to guide customers through the complexities of the loan transaction. From identifying a suitable lender, negotiating on the client’s behalf, and maintaining open lines of communication as the application progresses, Craig makes the process effortless for his customers.

‘I’m here to do the heavy lifting for my clients so they can move confidently towards their property ownership goals.’

Craig specialises in home loans, investment loans and asset finance, and is fully mobile throughout the Adelaide metro area.

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