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Provided with a specialist package to suit our borrowing needs in order to get the mortgage required.
Thank you

18 July 2021  


I couldn't have asked for a better person to help us buy our first property.
Jake was phenomenal throughout the entire process where he was never too busy and there was never a silly question. He was extremely patient, did not pressure us at all unlike many other mortgage brokers do, and took time out of his busy schedule to hand deliver documents - during the holiday period - directly to us and to our lenders solicitors. This was definitely well and truly above and beyond the scope of his role. Jake also consistently updated and educated us throughout every stage of the process so we knew exactly what was happening at all times. Jake's authenticity and honestly is what will win you over as he says it exactly how it is and is always looking after your best interests. I cannot recommend a better person to help with your mortgage needs.
Thanks Jake

18 July 2021  


Excellent ongoing service for our mortgage requirements. Strongly recommend

18 July 2021  


My partner and I were really happy with the professionalism and transparency that Jake from Mortgage Choice displayed from the very first day we met him. He was always very quick to answer our mountain of questions being first home buyers. We can 100 recommend him as as a mortgage broker and an all-round great guy.

18 July 2021  



We are very happy with the service Karen has provided! Without her I don't think we could have made it happen, I work away which made things difficult at times but Karen always went above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome.. thank you Karen!

Erin Jackson and Lonnie Gallagher
16 December 2017  



Very Satisfied Customer

I recently purchased a new home after renting for a number of years. There were a number of challenges working against us but with the assistance and dedication of the team at Mortgage Choice Upper Coomera we landed the property. My family and I could not be happier in our new home and we would highly recommend this team if you want service that goes above and beyond.

David Dowdle
16 December 2017  



Thanks a lot for all the hard working I really appreciated & experienced good customer service keep up good working & I recommend you guys for all my friends & families thank you

David Omar
16 December 2017  



Thank you for your help and advice in finding a home loan that was most suitable to our needs. Also thanks alot for the additional advice you gave about dealing with sellers and agents.

James & Elizabeth
16 December 2017  



Thank you Mortgage Choice Nerang, as (we were) 1st home buyers you have explained everything in a professional manner, you were approachable and always available. We look forward to dealing with you in the next 12 months.

Lorna and Jody
16 December 2017  



Very professional, informative and quick, then again personal enough to be comfortable.

Emil and Branka Lipar
16 December 2017  



Very professional but still down to earth with all the answers we asked.

Lyle and Tanya Rixon
16 December 2017  



Initially I applied through LJ Hooker brokers and after a lot of paper chasing, I was told that I cannot get such a big amount as a loan on my current earnings. I found Mortgage Choice Upper Coomera and immediately got my loan approved.

Ricky Eddie
16 December 2017  



You went above and beyond our expectations.
You have answered every question and query we had promptly and made sure we totally understood everything before signing anything.

Katie and Graham Stewart
16 December 2017  



You are very professional and helped me to understand the financial terms. Great communication :)

16 December 2017  



You always kept me well informed, responded to my emails and delivered emails to me promptly. Communication was good.

Patrick Schembri
16 December 2017  



You were extremely helpful during our rough times and pulled us out of it successfully through your perseverance.

Malavika and Nagesh
16 December 2017  



Loved how you went the extra mile when things were difficult for us. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Lynne Blake
16 December 2017  



Good communication, explained process well, never too much trouble and always professional. Much better service than going to the bank.
~Car refinance~

Jayne Bastin
16 December 2017  



Buying our first house was as terrifying as climbing a mountain or exploring a jungle. It was so great to have an experienced guide.

Dan and Aurelie Beeston
16 December 2017  



Working with Donna simplified a complicated process. She delivered what she said she would, when she said she would. Her communication was effective and clear. Would definitely recommend to others.

Carissa Griffiths
16 December 2017  



You were extremely caring, supportive and understanding. You did everything you could do to help us. The service you provided has made a huge difference to our lives. Thanks 5000 times.

Juanita and David McCann
16 December 2017  

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