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Manish Bedi

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Friendly, organised and professional, Manish is dedicated to helping each and every client get the most suitable loan for their needs.

“All my clients are unique and have their own set of circumstances and goals that determine what sort of loan will be right for them. I’m committed to fully understanding their needs and objectives, and matching them to the most appropriate loan solution on the market,” says Manish.

Manish is highly customer focused and strives to offer an excellent service experience. He prides himself on being efficient and timely, and ensuring all parties involved in the lending process deliver the right paperwork before deadline.

“I make sure I explain to my clients everything they need to know so that they can be fully informed before they make their decisions. I keep in close contact with my clients throughout the lending process and beyond, and am always on hand to offer guidance. I also make sure the buck stops with me. I am more than happy to go in to bat for my clients, negotiating with lenders or other stakeholders wherever necessary to get the best deal.”

Manish is fully mobile and can assist clients throughout Queensland, particularly in the South East.

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