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Michael Saliba

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With many years of finance experience, an honest approach and a genuine enthusiasm for helping people to reach their goals, Michael Saliba’s clients receive the right mortgage advice.

“After many years in finance and home lending roles, I’m still always excited at the thought that I’m helping someone buy their first home, move up to the dream house or build wealth through investing in property.”

“While 12 years in the finance industry has given me considerable experience in putting financial structures in place and helping people to select the products that work best for them, the most important thing I can do is make sure I understand my clients and what motivates them both personally and financially.

“That means the solutions I develop will suit their needs now and in the future.”

Michael prides himself on his customer service and his ability to provide clients with advice on all facets of buying a new home, as well as guiding them through the lending process.

It is this commitment that has seen Michael win numerous awards throughout his career.

He is able to assist all types of borrowers – particularly first homebuyers and those wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio.

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