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06 June 2024  


Yu-hann was very thorough and supportive in helping me with obtaining my loan He was very responsive, knowledgeable and friendly and made what could've been a stressful experience alot more streamlined. Couldn't ask for a better mortgage broker

12 May 2024  


I recently bought investment property with Mortgage Choice.
Mortgage broker Yu Hann dedicated his clients. He is really reliable, punctual and reputable personality at all times. He understands his duty of care and treating with respect.
His assistant Farisha also informed correct information.
Highly recommend, don't waste your efforts, time and money.
Thank you very very much

23 April 2024  


My wife and I applied for a home loan with Yuhann and have recently settled our new home. Yuhann has guided us throughout the whole process from start to finish and we never had any issues reaching out to him with our enquries. We would not hesitate to recommend Yuhann to anyone who is after a good mortgage broker.

21 April 2024  


If anyone is considering getting into a property, either as an investor or for a property to call home, Yu-hann Liu from Mortgage Choice is highly recommended. Yu-hann has been in the industry for over 20 years and it certainly showed. From the moment I contacted Yu-hann to discuss my buying options, right through to the end where I purchased my property, I could not believe how fast the entire process was. Yu-hann explained everything in detail, so there was never any confusion and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry which was beneficial in my circumstance where my borrowing capacity exceeded my expectations. Yu-hann was quick to respond to my emails and calls and always took the time to discuss my concerns. There was never a moment where I felt unsure or that I was not being updated with any information. I cannot recommend Yu-hann enough. He made the entire process a walk in the park with such easy communication and professionalism. I can't thank Yu-Hannah enough.

31 January 2024  


Yuhann is very down to earth and always available to help with any queries. For a first home buyer , Yuhann was there to guide us through everything.

22 January 2024  


To say Yu-Hann goes above and beyond is an understatement, his patience, commitment and attention to detail is unparalleled. He kept us well informed throughout the process, and was always more than willing to answer any questions we had. We would not go anywhere else when seeking a home loan - highly recommend

22 January 2024  


High quality services
Treat customer sincerely
Love Yu-Hann

19 January 2024  


Yu-hann has been a great help both in setting up the mortgage on our house initially as well as in negotiating rates on existing mortgage. His knowledge and back ground information on how the banks and mortgage markets are operating is always interesting, informative and current.

09 January 2024  


Very good.

04 January 2024  


Yu-Hann was amazing. He explains things very well and has an open door policy responding to questions and queries quick. As first Home buyers, we had lots of questions, Yu-Hann was super patient and accomodating. Highly reccomend. Thank you for a good experience.

29 November 2023  


We really had a wonderful experience with Mortgage Choice
We enjoyed and learned a lot during the process and surely will be dealing with them again in the future.
Shoutout to Yu-hann Farisha and for the rest of the Team

10 November 2023  


Yu-Hann was very professional and helped us alot with getting our property. Would definitely recommend

27 October 2023  


Yuhann is perhaps one of the hardest working people I know, and his work ethic translates to the quality of service he provides as a mortgage broker. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone

14 September 2023  


Yu-hann is amazing, patient and so easy to work with. He made us feel valued as clients and consciously made the process easy and relaxed. Thank you Yu-hann words cannot express how grateful we are for all your hard work to get us where we needed to be.

14 August 2023  


Excellent service Yu Hann Liu and farisha they did excellent services see u soon my next property thanks guys for everything

14 August 2023  


Yuhann was so helpful, thank you.

29 July 2023  


Yu-hann does an exceptional job and helped us get into our first home cant recommend enough

03 July 2023  


Yu-hann is the best broker i have met. He is really helpful whatever I ask. I will choose Mortgage choice again for my next house.

19 April 2023  


Yuhann and Farisha from Mortgage Choice Underwood are simply amazing As a first home buyer, I was understandably nervous about navigating the complex mortgage process, but Yuhann and Farisha provided me with unparalleled guidance and support. They helped me find the perfect mortgage option that fit my needs, were always available to answer my questions, and made the entire process an absolute breeze. Their level of service and dedication to their clients is truly exceptional, and I cannot recommend them enough. If you're in need of a top-notch mortgage broker who will go above and beyond, Yuhann and Farisha are the ones to choose

09 April 2023  


Strongly recommend his service to anyone. Very professional. Answers any questions that my husband and I had and he explained it in a way that we could understand. Very responsive. I will be using his service again in the future.

02 April 2023  


Amazing communication all the time. Highly recommended

24 March 2023  


We have dealt with Yu-hann exclusively now for the last 6 years. We consider Yu-hann a trusted advisor to us due to his attention to detail and his informative explanations. We have had 3 mortgages and refinanced our principal place of residence on a few occasions to keep abreast of varying interest rates over the last few years. We would NEVER go anywhere else when seeking a home loan.....Russell

24 March 2023  


Knowledgeable and very helpful with every step in our first home purchase, highly recommend Yuhann.

21 February 2023  


Yuhann and his team is THE BEST in the town. I highly recommend him not only because of his knowledge but his ethical standards and truthfulness. He made the whole process like a breeze where others were having difficulty to get the approval. Thanks Yuhaan I really appreciate your services and you are highly recommended.

13 December 2022  


Yuhaan and team has just helped us buy our first home. Yuhaan is generous with his time and guided us through the whole process. My finance was bit tricky but they got the job done.

Go in with your eyes closed. I highly recommend them

13 December 2022  


I would recommend Yuhann as a broker to everyone - so knowledgeable, very objective so we could see all different perspectives, eased our concerns, really good at explaining complex details, super organised and quick to respond. We've just bought our first home and despite what people say about this being a stressful process, I thought it was quite smooth sailing thanks to Yuhann

12 December 2022  


Recommended by one of my friend and luckily we went through Yuhan for our first home loan. He was very passionate and went above and beyond his limits to answer any doubts i had, and well explained everything in simple way. I will definitley recommend him, he knows his job much better than the one i went through earlier. 5 stars

11 December 2022  


I 100 agree with all the positive reviews for Yu-hann and Mortgage Choice Underwood. He was patient with us and provided exceptional customer service from the moment we walked into his office to settlement. Yu-hann explained everything so efficiently and went above and beyond to help us on our journey buying our first home. For this, we whole heartedly thankyou Yu-hann and Mortgage Choice Underwood. From our experience, we would highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy a home.
Do it now You won't be disappointed

06 December 2022  


Fast and High quality service
Strongly recommend Yuhan

23 November 2022  


If you are a first home buyer and have no idea where to even start on your house hunting journey, Yuhann is the guy who will take you through every step of the way in detail. He can guide you through pretty much anything regarding the property purchase due to his exceptional knowledge and experience, not to mention his ability to obtain the best loan product tailored to your needs. I highly recommend Yuhann to anyone who is seeking mortgage assistance but unsure whom to go to, I have no doubt he will be your best option.

21 November 2022  


Yuhann is a champion when we need help in understanding and getting through the mortgage process. He often goes above and beyond his responsibilities and helps client in the selection of right property and making right decision. Thanks Yuhann.

26 October 2022  


Excellent Service and very responsive. No doubt that I will recommend to my friends.

24 October 2022  


24 October 2022  


Yuhann is such a knowledgeable person. He explains the current situation patiently, and assists the customer to find the best products suits well. It is our pleasure to be serviced by him.

24 October 2022  


23 October 2022  


Yuhann and Farisha are very helpful and efficient. They are really professional and would explore all available options to get the right financing for you. Give Yuhann a call, he's always up for a good chat, you won't regret it

22 October 2022  


Highly recommended They are soo professional

14 October 2022  


You guys-Yuhann and Farisha were just fantastic through whole process of refinancing, obtaining a new loan. They proactively checked all the options I could consider even before i asked for so saved so much time and doubts. Very easy to contact and get very thorough updates, briefings at every stage. Super happy and I would like to recommend them to everyone

07 October 2022  


Professional and Good service to help in arranging our mortgage for us

06 October 2022  


Great and knowledgeable Yuhann

06 October 2022  


Yu-Hann went above and beyond with our mortgage application helping us secure our new home. I will be recommending him to everyone.

24 September 2022  


Yu-hann is an extreme professional, and goes above and beyond in his service. He helped guide us through the process from beginning through to settlement, and continues to provide support. Highly recommend Yu-hann and his team.

20 September 2022  


I would like to start off by saying that I havent felt the need to post a review before now, but
Yu-hann Liu has gone above and beyond throughout our journey to buy our first home.
Yu-hann has been attentive and has responded promptly to every question and informed us on everything that we need to know.
I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage broker, that you contact Yo-hann Liu.

21 July 2022  


14 July 2022  


Yu-Hann went above and beyond with our mortgage application helping us secure our new home. I will be recommending him to everyone.

07 July 2022  


For someone who has never bought a house and has no idea how the process works, choosing to go with Yu-Hann was the best decision I made. My man went above and beyond to make buying my first home an easy and stress free experience.
Cannot thank him and his team enough for the time and effort they put in to make everything happen. Genuinely a great lad, would recommend 1110

07 July 2022  


Yu-hann and his team has managed to help me secure my dream home through a very difficult journey. I strongly recommend his service to all of my family and friends.

20 June 2022  


We have now moved into our new home As young first home owners we knew nothing about buying a house. Yu-hann helped us with every step and answered every question even the silly ones with a smile. Yu-hann is amazing if you are looking for a broker to help guid you through the process, make sure your getting best value and ensure you are looked after. Definitely couldnt have done it without Yu-Hann and his amazing team Cant wait to work with them again

02 June 2022  


Yu-Hann was a blessing to my fiancé and I, he gave us realistic advice and went the extra mile helping us navigate our way through purchasing our first home
Time is not a factor for him and he was always there no matter what day or time to ease any concerns of ours. He also took the time to explain every detail in a way we would understand.
We appreciate you Yu-hann and Mortgage Choice for doing everything possible to make this easy in a market that is so unpredictable.
If you are reading this and looking for a Mortgage Broker, choosing Mortgage Choice is the best choice you can make.

02 June 2022  


Yu-Hann and his team consistently go above and beyond for their customers. Have recommended Yu-Hann to family and friends, and will continue to do so because of his appreciation for time critical deals and impeccable communication.

02 June 2022  


Thank you Yu-hann and his team for doing such an amazing job for helping us with the mortgage for our first home. We came from Sydney and didn't know much about Brisbane. And Yu-hann was beyond and above with his guidance and help, giving us so much valuable information about the locations and all the types of property in Brisbane. The service was fast, easy, straight to the point.
Honestly, we can't rave him enough. He is the type that makes you go, wow I am so glad we found him. We are working with him again for our next investment property and hopefully more in the future

24 May 2022  


Yu-hann and Farisha are very professional and helpful. Their work is up to the top level. I have been using their services for a few times and they never dissapoint me.

24 May 2022  


5 Stars all the way for Yuhann and his team Could not recommend them highly enough - very knowledgeable, their advice and time spent with you is priceless. Definitely goes above and beyond and they take the time to individualise what you need and what works best for your situation. Yuhann has always been professional and selfless in giving you his time even to talk through the simplest tasks in great detail. I would give them more stars if I could

24 May 2022  


Its a wonderful experience, very nice person. Will definitely recommending to all my friends.

24 May 2022  


If you try to find a mortgage broker for your home loan, Yuhann is THE BEST OPTION. I highly recommend him not only his professional knowledge and experience but also his great attitude toward his customer. We were able to contact him easily whenever we need his advice.
Thanks Yuhann
From Charley Annie

24 May 2022  


This agent provided Very good service , Thank you very much for your assistance , I recommend Yuhann for everyone .

24 May 2022  


24 May 2022  


Yuhann was an excellent Mortgage Advisor when we purchased our first home. He was throughly professional and trustworthy. He was great communicating with us. We highly appreciate your flexibility and team work.
Thank you very much Yuhann.

23 April 2022  


We trusted Yu-hann to help us to choose the right mortgage for our current situation and we are very happy with our decision. He showed he really cares about people making this experience a win-win outcome.

23 April 2022  


Yu-hann was highly recommended by my friends and I am glad he helped me in my purchase. He is a knowledge bank with a consultant's hat, just the person you need on your side for such a critical transaction. Yu-hann and his team were a delight to work with and I wish them all the best.

23 April 2022  


Excellent service, communication and respond. Yu-hann evaluated and analysed any possible scenarios based on our situation. He is perfect for his job.

24 March 2022  


Yu-hann goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcome, would definitely recommend. Thank you -

24 March 2022  


Yu-hann was recommended to me by a number of friends and his service did not disappoint. We are located in Melbourne and his friendliness, industry knowledge, personality and efficiency were absolutely phenomenal and for these reasons I could not recommend him enough. Yu-hann assisted us during pandemic, in an incredibly busy time for his line of work and he was always faultless, did what he said he'd do and delivered promptly. Additionally, he was able to reassure us when things seemed to take longer than expected on the banks end and navigate us through the craziness that is the first time home buying process.
Yu-hann and Farisha are fantastic operators and I sincerely hope I will be fortunate enough to engage them for my next property Massive thanks to both of you and I truly cannot recommend Yu-hann, Farisha and Mortgage Choice Underwood highly enough.

22 February 2022  


Yu-hann and His team are very helpful and professional. They will guard you through all the process.

23 December 2021  


23 December 2021  


23 December 2021  


Yu-Hann was very helpful and responsive throughout the process. He always took the time to clarify our doubts - he's always happy to take calls at anytime

22 November 2021  


Yu-hann Liu is an extremely knowledgeable professional that is really customer-driven and focused in helping his clients achieve great outcomes. He takes an out-of-the-box approach which I really appreciate. Yu-hann takes the time to understand his clients' objectives and to explain things clearly. I would highly recommend Yu-hann's services.

22 November 2021  


Yuhann Liu from day one all the way through to when we bought our first home, supported and gave us information needed. We were trying to buy a house and as it was our first time buying in Brisbane, he talked us through the whole process. He gave us realistic estimates and accommodated to all our questions. He made the process so pleasant

22 November 2021  


Always so helpful Yuhann goes above and beyond. We are truly blessed to have him and will not go anywhere else. Thank you Yuhann and your team for all your hard work in all you do for us xx

22 November 2021  


Yuhann's team is absolutely amazing I purchased a home successfully with no hiccups, the whole process is very smooth no hassle. He is professional, patient, approachable and competitive. I would marry him if I were a signle woman. I recommend them to anyone who wishes to buy a property. Thank you so much Yuhann

22 November 2021  


Yuhann is extremely helpful and knowledgeable - an absolute genius at his job. Never rushed even though under extreme pressure he would take all the time in the world to spend with you and your very specific set of circumstances - finding you a solution that works. I can highly recommend him and his team

23 October 2021  


Yu-hann has always prompt response to our case and thoroughly following up to all details. Highly recommend for their mortgage service and best broker I've ever work with

23 October 2021  


23 October 2021  


We came across Yuhann unintentionally while in the vicinity of his office and was definitely glad we walked in enquire.. Apart from a friendly, professional and timely service, one of the aspect that we are extremely please with is how knowledgable Yuhann is in not only his area of specialty but also the industry and the entire process. His advice was priceless , esp for us who are buying for the first time. His willingness to also answer our multitude of questions works great for those who are more analytical, thinker or curious. Definitely our go to from now on.

23 September 2021  


I am extremely happy with all Yu-hann did to secure my loan. It was a lengthy process. He went over and above any service I have received in the past.

23 September 2021  


Super helpful and friendly team, they were very dedicated to getting the best outcome for me despite a bunch of technical challenges at the bank.

23 September 2021  


I have bought and sold many properties in my life and have had over 20 mortgages, so to say I haven't experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of mortgage brokering is an understatement. So trust me when I tell you, do not waste your time with any other broker Yu-hann and his team managed and communicated with me throughout the entire transaction and he would always return phone calls and would never rush to get you off the phone, his knowledge and skills of brokering a deal is second to none. Yu-hann should be the benchmark that Mortgage Choice Head Office measure all their franchisees by. The best experience I have ever in over 30 years.

23 September 2021  


Best Mortgage Broker ever
Yu-hann and his team were always available to address any questions I had. They always went out of their way to answer me emails or calls. Very professional and extremely friendly. Definitely recommend 1000000010 Thank you so much for helping me buy my first home with no stress or concerns

23 September 2021  


As my friend's recommendation, I visited Yuhann, the loan broker for my home loan and I got a great solution to get a loan approval for my first home.
I am so satisfied with his support from the start to the end and I strongly recommend my friend to go to him for their loan not only for home loan but also for car or personal loan.
I will visit him for my next home again.

23 August 2021  


Very helpful and professional, thank you for helping us, very recommended

23 August 2021  



Yu-Hann and he’s team are absolutely brilliant. Incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and above all else fantastic communication from start to finish, regardless of the value of the loan amount. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to refinance, or borrow for investment purposes or new housing loan.

12 August 2021  


Highly recommend Yu-hann and his team at Mortgage Choice I've used Yu-hann multiple times and have also recommended him to many colleagues friends who've also received fantastic service. Yu-hann goes above and beyond and nothing is too much trouble. He's worked on challenging applications for us within quick time frames. Thank you so much Yu-hann for always going above and beyond

23 June 2021  


Would highly recommend Yu-Hann, he provided accurate advice and helped us navigate the many Morgage choice options to get the best product for our needs. Yu-Hann was always prompt with communication both inside and outside of hours to ensure we met the relevant deadlines to secure our dream home. Our Solicitor even made specific comment on how accurate his figures were Again if you are unsure where to start give Yu-Hann a call.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yuhann was the agent who has helped me throughout this whole scary and frightening first home buyer's process.
If it wasn't his patient, professional and understanding, I wouldn't be able to get through this whole process so easily.
I personally have decided that in the future, I will stick with him everytime I buy a property untill he retired. He's a trust worthy person, you would feel the same like I do whenever you get to work with him. Definitely recommend him

23 June 2021  


Thank you Yu-Hann for your professional advice

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yuhann is always amazingly thorough with his explanations of the pros and cons of each option, super flexible with his willingness to see us after hours, and such a pleasure to engage with

23 June 2021  


Dealing with Yuhann was a pleasure. As a first time buyer i was definitely out of my element and he made the whole process very simple to understand and i was lucky enough to get a great home loan for a great property Thanks again Yuhann and Mortgage Choice Underwood

23 June 2021  


I've used Yuhann from Mortgage Choice Underwood on multiple occasions for refinancing and purchasing new properties and he has gone above and beyond on all occasions. Easy to work with and gets the job done.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Excellent service and very helpful, let you have best choice available.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


We are one of the happy returned customer. Always like their professional services, prompt and responsive. Very flexible meet up time arrangement to cater for our busy work life. Don't think I can ask for more than this. Thank you team

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


If we could give a 6th star, we would. We had an amazing experience, and being newbies, we had the whole process and industry information well explained to us from start to finish. Thank you Yu-hann, your guidance, education and hard work has seen our dream of owning our first home come true

23 June 2021  


Always had time for us even when he was busy. Took the time to talk us through everything and overall just did an amazing job for us. Would highly recommend to anyone

23 June 2021  


Yuhan is very professional, very helpful , patient,
He make my dream come true become home owner, Most important thing I will recomended to everyone, The best broker in Brisbane.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yu-Hann extremely knowledgeable on ways to lend money to suit your situation .Yu-hann is very approachable and helpful .My experience exceeded expectation and I look forward to do business with Yu-hann again .

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


From before we started looking for a property we've received nothing but the best advice and service. We're now in our first home

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yu-hann went out of his way to assist us. We will recommend him to anyone who is looking for loan. We will certainly use his services again when required. He can assist with home loan, car loan, and business loans. best regards, Tony Girach

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Was an amazing experience to be working with Yu-hann and his team. Everybody was very professional and knowledgeable about any and all questions I had with my home loan. Very responsive and will go above and beyond to help in any ways they can.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yu -Hann has been looking after my home loans for all my houses for last few years. Very friendly, knowledgable and professional. Very trustworthy. I don't have to think twice as he knows the market very well. Keep up the good work Yu-Hann

23 June 2021  


Could have given more stars if they were available, Thank you Yuhan and Farisha for all your help and support you have given us all the time. You were always there whenever we required your assistance.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Best service, Yu-hann is always quick to respond to queries and always knows your case well which is so important because you dont feel like just another number on his client list.

23 June 2021  


This was my 2nd Mortgage with them and always happy

23 June 2021  


They were so transparent, honest and open, Yu informed us on everything we needed to know. We felt genuinely looked after for our first investment home. Highly recommended and we will continue to use them for our future investments.

23 June 2021  


Yu-hann worked tirelessly to secure finance for our dream home. He was always available even responding to my panicked emails at 230am. He explained everything clearly, and was always happy to answer any questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YU-HANN LIU and Mortgage Choice Underwood

23 June 2021  


I found Yu-hann to be professional, efficient, knowledgeable and with high communication skills. Kept us up to date throughout our process of securing our loan.

23 June 2021  


Yu-Hann is awesome very professional easy to deal with explains everything so you can understand whats going on 100 worth talking to him if you need a loan.

23 June 2021  


The mortgage selection services provided are above and beyond. The experience of finding the right home loan from start to finish was carried out in the most professional manner and supported along the way. Most stress free experience for myself as a home buyer.
Thank you Mortgage Choice of Underwood Would recommend their services to any home buyer

23 June 2021  


Great to have Yu-Hann in assisting my application and he has been very responsible and patient in the whole process despite his busy schedule. Grateful to have his step by step professional guidance and explanation to all my questions and doubts throughout.

23 June 2021  


Three words in brief - Professional, efficient and responsive.

23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


23 June 2021  


Yuhann is dedicated and passionate in helping customers achieve their goals. Great knowledge of the first home ownership process and excellent business management skills.

23 June 2020  


Yu-hann was fabulous in refinancing my home loans with another bank and was able to increase my access to equity. He was a delight to work with and took the time to explain the process thoroughly. He identified the possibilities upfront and worked extremely hard to achieve the best outcome. He kept me updated and was always available throughout the process when I had queries. I cannot recommend Yu-hann highly enough and will absolutely be using his services again.

23 June 2020  


Yuhann Liu has been an incredible source of knowledge and support for us through our entire loan process from the first enquiry through to settlement. He has been there every step of the way with guidance and never ending patience. Can not recommend him higher

23 June 2020  


Yuhhan is so helpful, great advisor for first home buyer

23 June 2020  


23 June 2020  


I loved detailed comparisonrecommendation over a lot of scenarios for the best loan products.

23 June 2020  


23 June 2020  


23 June 2020  


They are just the best

23 June 2020  


Received our mortgage through Yu-hann in August 2019. Extremely positive experience dealing with mortgage choice throughout the whole process. Yu-hann was happy to take calls at all hours, was dedicated and extremely informative in helping us secure our forever home Couldnt be happier with the service, would highly recommend to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage. Thanks again Yu Jack and Cass

23 June 2020  


5 stars, next level service - Yuhann and team go the extra mile to ensure every part of the buying process is smooth and easy. Without hesitation we would highly recommend Yuhann and team. Working long hours makes it difficult to organise home purchase logistics, but Yuhann went outside business hours to be so helpful and accommodating. Thank you Yuhann and team - for every big purchase and future youll be the first person we call Kerrie and Emily

23 June 2020  


Yu-hann from Mortgage Choice Underwood is very experienced and knowledgable. He has helped us re-negotiate our home loan and save us a significant amount of money. He continues to provide excellent service and follow up even after settlement

23 June 2020  


Yu-Hann is GREAT to work with Everything was explained in detail, always contactable, reliable, friendly and trustworthy.
Wouldn't have gone with anyone else. He always kept us informed and made sure everything was in our best interest.
If you need results to achieve your goals this is your guy

23 June 2020  



Couldn’t have asked for more, Yuhann went the extra mile for us. Stayed back late multiple times to suit us & explained everything in detail so we were comfortable with everything. Always encouraged to get in contact if we had any questions. Great experience & would recommend to anyone.

A. Adie
27 May 2020  



Yu-hann and the team were extremely helpful and always available when you needed them. Yu-hann took the time to explain everything thoroughly so I knew exactly what I was in for. Thank you!

29 April 2020  



Yu-hann was fabulous in refinancing my home loans with another bank and was able to increase my access to equity. He was a delight to work with and took the time to explain the process thoroughly. He identified the possibilities upfront and worked extremely hard to achieve the best outcome. He kept me updated and was always available throughout the process when I had queries. I cannot recommend Yu-hann highly enough and will absolutely be using his services again.

06 February 2020  



I am first home buyer and really didn’t know how I can obtain my home loan. However Yu-hann’s service provided me with insight knowledge of the loan process and made things lot more easier than I thought.

Mrs Lee
31 January 2020  



Yu-Hann was great from start to end. He is extremely knowledgeable and came back quickly with any questions we had. We would definitely recommend Yu-hann and look forward to using his services in the future.

21 October 2019  



Very well handled my application.

10 October 2019  



It's really great friendly quick service. I have no doubt to recommend you to my colleagues.

R. Ratnayake
10 October 2019  



The first time I met Yu-hann was three years ago to estimate my first house loan affordability. However, I only managed to buy my first home recently. He is a very patient and trustworthy person. The more important thing he is willing to spend time to answer any question that you have about home loan and provides information about first home buyers need to know.

05 August 2019  



Giving the nature of my work where I travel a lot, buying a property can be a difficult task. After gaining my sale of contract papers, all I did was to engage my broker with the conveyancer. It was a seamless settlement with a piece of mind that I have been looked after by a professional. I would recommend using Yu-hann as your mortgage broker any time.

A. Khan
24 July 2019  



Every step of the way you went the extra mile to help us. Your efficiency, attention to detail and personability is remarkable, especially also for how busy you must be! We couldn't have done it without you! We can't thank you enough!

S Booker
12 July 2019  



Detailed, proposed plans are tailored to customer’s needs.

18 June 2019  



Service was hassle free and arranged what I wanted for my satisfaction.

13 June 2019  



Absolutely happy and grateful. Yuhann is the best broker we ever have. He’s very helpful and always inspire us .

Tecson’s family
20 February 2019  



Yuhann is very professional, knowledgeable, effectiveness, fast response. Mortgage been approved in a very short time and everything go smooth. Thank you.

01 February 2019  



Yuhann ticks all KPIs on green. Can not imagine any better.

A. Perera
29 January 2019  



Your professionalism is always evident Yuhann and you went above and beyond to help Steve and I purchase our rental property/retirement home. We would not hesitate in recommending your services to family and friends. Thank you!

Mrs Krause
29 January 2019  



Fantastic service, thanks a lot!

A. Avekau
11 December 2018  



Yu-hann is really professional, always responds quickly and answers our questions patiently. He explains every questions clearly and notices us at the earliest time if he got any update. Highly recommend to everyone.

19 November 2018  



You were amazing! You took our calls at anytime, and always made sure you explained everything fully. You found us a good deal that suited our needs, and helped us come up with a game plan to get the most out of our money. You really went above and beyond anything that I would have expected from a mortgage broker. Thank you so much for your amazing help.

L. Waterman
13 November 2018  



By far the best broker - will always recommend you to everyone. Went above and beyond to help us.

T. Dover
13 November 2018  



Explained all steps through the process and options available clearly and concisely - great communicator. Very efficient and helpful.

12 November 2018  



I can highly recommend your services as I am an individual that deals with anxiety and you listened to my needs, made me feel comfortable, minimised the stress. Just an amazing job and would never go anywhere else. Thank you for being understanding and answering all my questions and what I appreciate the most is that even after it was all completed you still kept in touch and made sure I was ok and still continued to help with any questions I had.

29 August 2018  



Yu-hann is always friendly and helpful. Prompt in responding to queries and nothing seems too much trouble. We have used this service a couple of times now and will continue to in the future ?? highly recommend to anyone!!

Mrs Marsh
22 August 2018  


We approached Yu-hann to refinance and consolidate. Our situation was exceptionally difficult under the current lending conditions. Yu-hann was able to achieve great results for us within a short period making a positive impact on our lives. He is professional, knowledgeable, upfront and very thorough and approachable. He gives you all the time you need and was available to contact any time day or night. He always kept us updated. Yu-hann has great work ethics and he really listens and cares which is rare to find. He made sure everything went through well and followed up every meticulous detail even after settlement. Glad we found him Thanks Yu-hann.

24 June 2018  


Yu-hann has a wealth of knowledge and is very experienced. He understands the market and his knowledge is up to date with current practices. He was able to get us the best results where other lenders could not. We will always go back to him for all financeloans and advice in the future. I highly recommend him without hesitation or exception. Thanks for everything Yu-hann.

24 June 2018  



Yuhann was absolutely amazing. He is extremely dedicated and was with us 100% from the very beginning. He always went above and beyond and nothing was ever too much trouble or “out of work hours”. He explained things very clearly and made sure we were comfortable with all decisions. Would highly recommend Yuhann Liu to all family and friends, and even strangers. He is top notch! Thank you.

04 June 2018  



Honestly, it was so easy dealing with you! Never too late in the night to answer any silly questions via text or email. You truly made the experiment of buying a house absolutely unforgettable! Highly HIGHLY recommend Mr Yu-Hann Liu.

A Rosa
04 June 2018  



This is our second time dealing with Yu-Hann. Yu-hann has been very professional and knowledgeable with the whole process. He has been very proactive and clear with the communication. We don't need to make calls to him because he's always around for the updates. He chases the progress with the banks constantly and ensured we are up to date with the status. We had so much confidence with Yu-Hann because he is just so reliable. Highly recommend!

30 May 2018  



I am satisfied of you 100%. Thank you for look after us. And always helps..

14 May 2018  



Yu-hann went above and beyond to secure the finance we needed for our dream family home. It wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Yu-hann's knowledge and persistence. I genuinely believe Yu-hann truly cares about his customers and he is willing to do whatever it takes (within reason) to achieve your goals. This is our third loan we have secured through Yu-hann, so that in itself is a testament as to why we keep coming back to him for all our loan needs. Thank you again Yu-hann for allowing us to live in the house we finally want to settle down in for a very long long time and we couldn't be happier.

Mr J Tong
08 May 2018  



We were very happy with your help before, during and after our loan was approved. You went above and beyond the duties of a Mortgage Broker and we will certainly be in touch for any future financial affairs.

24 April 2018  



Good friendly service which resulted in our new home.

K. Taylor
24 April 2018  



Communication and service was not only of the highest standard, complete with clear and consistent communication the whole way through, but it was personable, honest and genuine. I felt confident from the first meeting that i was with the right mortgage broker and my trusting my instincts did not disappoint. Thank you so much Yuhann for going to the lengths you did to ensure that all of my needs were taken into consideration and for all of your hard work to get me to where i am now. It has been an absolute pleasure and i would not hesitate for a second to seek out your services in the future!

11 April 2018  



It's perfect, all the follow ups and the customer service I have experienced is 100% satisfied, can't rate anything lower than 100% because it's too good. Thanks for being very helpful with your high efficiency of sorting loan approvals. I literally just recommended my friends tonight that if they need any assistance with their financial they can come to you.

I. Chen
19 February 2018  



Yu-hann worked with us from day 1, working out our borrowing capacity, working through pre-loan approvals, then the loan application and finally settlement. Yu-hann was terrific in hand holding us through the process, taking the time to clearly explain each step and the pros and cons of each decisions and how these decisions relate to our own situation.

Despite carefully crafting a finance package that gave us the best deal and features we were after, Yu-hann came into his own during the loan application and settlement activities. Examples are many, but some that simply highlight the service provided was Yu-hann coming to our house to explain the loan paperwork and assist us complete the documentation correctly and he arranged all the witnessing - a massive bonus. Another example is Yu-hann working directly with our solicitors and real estate to ensure all questions were answered very quickly and any issues were resolved same day if not within hours.
Yu-hann made himself available to us outside of hours and was always contactable, friendly and customer focused.

I strongly recommend Yu-hann through any finance process and will indeed be calling him first next time we have a finance need either new loan or re-finance.
Thanks Yu-hann.

A. Drew
16 December 2017  



Yuhann - C & I have had associations with banks many times in the past. The amazing thing is that you sold the banks product better than they could.
By this I mean, your level of detail in taking the time to explain the benefits, the pit-falls, the costs, T's & C's etc, was fantastic.
You showed great patience because we required a high level of detail as we are on the Last Roll of The Dice financially and wanted to be 100% sure that we had any potential downside mitigated.
Our second property settled 3 days ago and we could not be happier knowing that we have a secure deal which suits the stage in life we are at right now.
We will recommend you to any of our friends or family who we know are looking to raise capital for a loan.
Thank you.

16 December 2017  



Yuhann went beyond his service and made our mortgage application a walk in the park. Would recommend his services to all family and friends.

D & L R.
16 December 2017  



Terrific insights and tenacity to work through a Loan structure that fit what I wanted to do and to make it happen with the banks. Great responsiveness and open willingness to help I'd highly recommend speaking with Yu-hann if your considering a loan.

M. Cole
16 December 2017  



Yu-hann is the most helpful person!

16 December 2017  



Yuhann went above and beyond to help my husband and I purchase our home, we can not recommend Yuhann enough, he is extremely friendly, professional and always willing to help.

Mr & Mrs Ireland
16 December 2017  



Thank you so much. You really made everything so easy for me to understand. I was just a lay man in home loans but now I can even explain almost everything to anyone. Thank you so much for teaching me and giving me best plan and even helping me on all other matters as well. I trust you more than my solicitor and I have to call you to simplify all his talks.

16 December 2017  



We were very happy with Yuhann's service and the outcome we wanted was achieved very quickly and efficient.

Thomas W.
16 December 2017  

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