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Cameron McDonald

Why we'll work harder than any bank will | Our team in Craigieburn & Sunbury

Banks have great teams who often work hard and are knoweldgeable. But there's only so much they can help you with - including a limited range of loan products. When you work with Mortgage Choice in Craigieburn & Sunbury, you're working with a small, local business. Our team know the local area, bank managers & property market.

Business owner | Mortgage broker

As the owner of Mortgage Choice in Craigieburn for over 15 years, Cameron has extensive experience in the mortgage broking and finance industry. His role is to match you to a tailored home loan, then liaise with the lenders and other stakeholders to make sure that the loan is assessed quickly & ready to settle on time. And of course, he's passionate about his clients and making sure they feel valued.

"As a client at Mortgage Choice in Craigieburn, you will deal with me directly - the owner of the business. And to me, every client counts and every client is important. That's the only way to grow a business like mine! And we're careful not to wear blinders and only look at the loan in front of us, we like to ensure that your entire financial health is being looked after."

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