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With more than 35 lenders on our panel, Duane and the Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team have many great options for anyone buying their first home. 

When considering buying their first home, many people will go directly to their bank for home loan options. This means that many first home buyers are missing out on the great home loan interest rates, options & incentives available to first home buyers.

We have access to hundreds of first home loans from the big banks down to specialist lenders. We'll do the legwork to find you one that suits your new property, your budget and your life. Not only that, we'll do all the paperwork and follow up with the banks to make sure you are on your way to moving day!

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Getting you to pre-approval

One of the first steps to owning your first home is to get pre-approval. Pre-approval on your home loan means that your chosen lender has given you a 'conditional thumbs up' on your home loan and you can go ahead and start looking for your dream home!

It can give you a great negotiating tool if buyers know that you already have your finance 'pre-approved'. The Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team is here to get your application for pre-approval completed so you can get going on your first home.

Is a family member helping you with your deposit as a guarantor? Ask us to explain the ins & outs of guarantor loans. 

Government incentives

It's a great time to be a first home buyer, with many incentives available for those about to take their first property plunge. The government has been trying to make it easier for first home buyers to purchase property, and has a few fantastic investives available, like:

The Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team will let you now your eligibility as a first home buyer for any of the above schemes. As a regional buyer you could be eligible for even more! We will put through your application and answer any questions the government has about your eligibility on your behalf. 

Simple, quality advice

You can't make great decisions with your finances until you understand your options. That's why the Mortgage Choice Coffs Harbour have put together some great resources to help you be in the know. Check out our:

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Tell us what you need

The only thing left to do, is to let us know what you're after - and we'll get started! The Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team are here to make your life easier and get you into your first home with great finance.

Call the Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team on 0491 189 360 or click the button below to book a chat.


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