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The Reserve Bank of Australia has kept the cash rate at historic lows. This opened the door to fantastic low home loan interest rates from banks. Are you paying too much?

The 2 year home loan rule

At Mortgage Choice in Coffs Harbour, we recommend to our customers to apply the '2 year rule' to their home loan. This means that every two years, you should be reviewing your home loan to make sure you're not paying too much! Many Australians will review their electricity, gas, insurance or phone plans, but avoid reviewing their home loan - even though it's likely the biggest bill. 

What is refinancing anyway?

Our FREE Home Loan Health Check

To make it easy for you to review your home loan, the Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour offer a free Home Loan Health Check on your current loan. We will compare your loan with others on the market to see if we can find you a better deal, whether it's a lower rate or better features. We have some fantastic low rates from some of the big banks and specialist lenders on our panel. 

Our review may show that refinancing will save you money or give you features that weren't available when you first got your home loan. Or it might give you peace of mind that you still have the home loan that's right for you. 

Simple, quality advice

You can't make great decisions with your finances until you understand your options for refinancing. That's why the Mortgage Choice Coffs Harbour have put together some great resources to help you be in the know. Check out our:

Download our e-guide on refinancing

Tell us what you need

The only thing left to do, is to let us know what you're after - and we'll get started! The Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour team are here to make the process of refinancing your home loan easy.

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