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In the previous month, the suburb of Palmwoods had a total of 25 rental properties and 42 properties available for sale. The median prices for properties in the area over the past year varied, with houses having a median price of $857,500 and units having a median price of $622,500.

For those interested in investing in property, it is worth considering that houses in Palmwoods can be rented out for approximately $700 per week, offering an annual rental yield of 4.4%. On the other hand, units can be rented out for about $525 per week, providing a rental yield of 4.5%.

Analyzing the sales data from the past five years, Palmwoods has experienced a compound growth rate of 2.0% for houses and 2.5% for units, suggesting a moderate increase in property values over time.

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The Sunshine Coast is known for its diverse landscapes, encompassing stunning beaches, majestic mountains, and picturesque valleys. Among the coastal suburbs, Palmwoods stands out with its exceptional accessibility to the surrounding mountains and valleys. If you're seeking a serene and breathtaking place to reside, Palmwoods is an ideal choice, offering a combination of natural beauty and a tranquil lifestyle.

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