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Investment loans Nirimba Fields, Schofields and Marsden Park

If you’re looking to take the next step in your financial journey, property investment is a popular place to start. As it doesn’t require the same technical knowledge as other forms of investment, property is often particularly appealing for first time investors. When you own an investment property you can potentially reap a number of rewards, such as rental returns, capital growth, tax benefits, and more. But to access these benefits, you will also need an amazing investment loan to let you put your best foot forward and give your investment the best chance at success. 

As your Mortgage Choice broker in the Nirimba Fields region, Raj will help you assess your finances and find the right investment loan for your needs. He will make sure that you understand the differences between investment loans and standard residential loans, so that you can move forward with confidence. Get in touch with him today to get started. 

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Commercial vs residential property investment

While residential property investment is often the preferred choice for many, commercial property can also offer you many benefits, including

  • Lower maintenance costs, as the tenant is generally responsible for this
  • Longer leases and more stability

However, you also run the risk of longer vacancies as well as a high buy-in cost and a tougher market when it comes time to sell. If commercial property investment appeals to you, talk to Raj today about your options. 

What to look for in an investment property

When searching for a property that you intend to use as a residential investment, it’s wise to keep these things in mind:

  • Future development of the area
  • Proximity to useful amenities, such as shops and schools
  • Desirable features like an extra bathroom
  • Future maintenance and management costs

And above all, consider your ideal tenant and what their needs might be! Choosing the right property can have a huge impact on your returns in the long run, so be sure to keep emotions out of the decision. 

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