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Refinancing your loan

If you’ve already got a home loan, you might be under the impression that you are locked into it for life. The reality is that even if your original loan deal was amazing at the time, it might not suit your current lifestyle and financial situation, and you don’t gain anything by remaining needlessly loyal to your current lender. Refinancing can offer you numerous benefits, and when you work with Shehzad Azmi as your mortgage broker, the process couldn’t be simpler. 

Shehzad will assess your finances and your current loan and help you choose a better deal. All the hard work is taken care of - Shehzad will switch your loan over seamlessly, including applying for your new loan and making sure any costs with be recouped in your savings. 

Benefits of refinancing

The most obvious benefit of refinancing is that you could be savings thousands of dollars worth of interest annually by getting a better rate. However, there are many other advantages to consider, such as

  • Reducing account fees
  • Accessing new features, like offset accounts
  • Shortening your loan term
  • Consolidating your debts

Whether you’re interested in all these benefits or just want to save a little on your repayments, Shehzad can help you reach your financial goals.

When is the right time to refinance?

We recommend that you check on your loan every few years to make sure you are still getting the best deal possible. It’s also a good idea to check in with Shehzad if

  • Your fixed rate is ending
  • Your financial situation has changed
  • You aren’t happy with your loan or lender
  • You want to access equity to fund a renovation or investment

Get in touch with Shehzad to book your obligation-free home loan review appointment so that he can advise you on the best option for your circumstances.

More information about refinancing

Download the free guide to learn more about exactly what’s involved throughout the refinancing process.

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