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Property Investment

An investment property has long been the favourite of the Australian investor. No matter the changes in the property & finance markets, property tends to hold it's long term value. And the right investment loan can make all the difference to your returns.

While an investment loan might seem the same as your average home loan, it can be quite different. There are a range of different options available to the property investor when it comes to finance, and specific things lenders like to see when applying.

The Mortgage Choice team in Ferntree Gully have helped hundreds of property investors find the right investment loan - one that matches their goals and investment strategies. We also know which lenders are open to investment loans & who has the best loan products, so you don't waste any time in building your portfolio. 

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Using equity to invest

Like many of people, you may not have enough funds available in your savings to purchase an investment property, but have you considered using the equity you have already built in your home to get started in investment? It could be a handy way to start getting your money, and your equity, working harder for you.

We complete the paperwork & application on your behalf

We understand that you may not have time to complete the paperwork for your investment loan application & follow up with your bank. Not to worry - we do it for you! We make sure your investment loan is progressing, so you can start building your portfolio quickly. 

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