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Refinancing your home loan

You may think that once you select a home loan you’re stuck with it forever - that it’s too difficult and costly to consider switching. However, refinancing to a different loan is easier than you might think, and could save you thousands in interest in the long run! You can also gain access to newer loan features that may better suit your current situation, and access equity to fund a renovation or investment.

Now is the perfect time to shop around and get a better deal, and when you work with Terence at Mortgage Choice in Colebee the hard work is done for you. With Terence, you save yourself countless hours of loan research, and you know that the small print has been examined with a fine-tooth comb. Terence can walk you through exactly what is involved in every step of refinancing along with any associated costs - you don’t have to lift a finger!

Get a home loan health check

Not sure if it’s worth it for you to refinance? Come and chat with our team and get a free home loan health check. We can help assess your current loan, evaluate your options, and inform you of any hidden costs. If you decide to refinance, we can also complete your application.

It’s important to revisit your loan every few years to make sure you are getting the best deal. So, if it’s been a little while since you last looked at your rate, it’s a good idea to check in. You should also get a home loan health check if

  • Your personal or financial circumstances have changed recently
  • You are coming off a fixed rate
  • You are looking at consolidating debts
  • You want a better deal

Does this sound like you? Contact Terence Hammond at Mortgage Colebee today to talk about your options when it comes to refinancing. Terence takes the time to understand your circumstances and recommend the best path forward, so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best outcome. Book an obligation-free appointment at a time convenient for you, or call 0413 184 184 to get started today.

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Learn more about refinancing

Download our free guide to refinancing to learn more about exactly what is involved in each step of the process

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Thinking about refinancing? Use our free and simple online calculator to see how your current interest rate stacks up

To find out if you should refinance your home loan, book a free home loan health check with Terence.

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