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Terri Unwin

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Mortgage Broker 

After a 16-year career at a major bank, Terri Unwin became a mortgage broker so that she could help her clients find tailored home loan solutions and attain their financial goals.

“Just as there are many different types of properties on the market, there are also many different types of home loans available,” she says. “After the initial excitement of buying a property wears off, you don’t want to start regretting the type of loan you have.”

Terri is an active property investor herself, and therefore is well aware of the importance of not only selecting the right property, but selecting the right finance. “I help my clients find a loan that suits their needs. My team and I manage the loan process from the time of our initial meeting to the day my clients pick up the keys,” she explains. 

The contact doesn’t stop there! Terri and her team will review your loan each year to ensure it is still the most suitable for you and you are benefiting from the most competitive rates.

Tanya Abo Khadour

Mortgage Broker 

Tanya has the patience, perseverance and expertise to identify smart, sustainable borrowing solutions for all her clients.

“Depending on each client’s situation, finding and securing a great loan often takes tenacity – but I’m committed to always working in my clients’ best interests and getting the outcome that’s going to work for them over the long term,” she says.

With her personable, empathetic approach, Tanya makes sure she’s well informed about her clients’ requirements by taking the time to listen and get to know them. “I never just assume I already know what my clients need – great service always begins with a great conversation.”

Tanya has four years’ experience in the banking/lending industry. “I have worked on all sides of the lending process, including with the ATO and MSA National (settlement agents/discharge). I was also a lending specialist at NAB and, prior to joining the Mortgage Choice team, I was responsible for home loan servicing with another mortgage broking group.”

Tanya specialises in assisting with home and investment loans as well as asset finance. “Being a first home buyer in Sydney myself, I understand it can be overwhelming. I use my personal experience and professional knowledge to help guide first home buyers through the process and put them at ease.”

Tanya offers a mobile service. She is based in NSW and is happy to work with clients Australia-wide.

Heather Williams

Client Service Manager 

With 30 years of banking and mortgage broking experience and a commitment to great communication, client service manager Heather Williams helps to guide our clients during the home loan application process, right through until after loan settlement.

“Throughout my career I’ve always been passionate about providing outstanding customer service and ensuring that clients have a great experience,” she says. 

“That’s why we keep our clients well informed at every stage of the process, so they never have to wonder or stress about what is happening.”

“My role is to support Terri and Tanya, make sure things get done well and on time. That way, everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.”

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