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A popular holiday destination for residents of the ACT, Batemans Bay is a sleepy coastal paradise known for beautiful natural scenery and delicious seafood - particularly oysters! Batemans Bay offers a truly local feel with a laid-back atmosphere and friendly atmosphere, though the tourism industry certainly thrives during the summer months. You can spend a tranquil afternoon fishing, diving or surfing, then chow down at your pick of either a casual takeaway spot or more sophisticated eatery. 

Median house prices in Batemans Bay were $675,000 in 2022, and apartment prices were $450,000. If you’re thinking about buying a property in the Batemans Bay region, contact Trent Harvey today for all the information you need to put your best foot forward. 

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Investment loans in Batemans Bay

Considered to be a relatively stable long-term investment, property is a popular option particularly for first-time investors. As a physical, tangible asset that needs no trading knowledge, it is often seen as an appealing investment choice. However, property can also be costly to maintain and is not very liquid, which may not suit every situation. 

When looking for an investment property, it’s very important to leave emotion out of your purchase, and remember that desirable features may not be the same for a potential rental as they would for your own residence. 

In an investment, you should consider

  • Location, including potential growth and developments
  • Proximity to useful amenities and schools
  • Maintenance costs
  • Important features like extra bathrooms or a garage
  • Your ideal tenant and their needs

If you’re considering buying an investment property to rent out, your loan details will likely be different to a standard home loan. So, it’s important to talk to a mortgage broker that you trust for the best advice on how to proceed. Trent Harvey is your reliable broker in Batemans Bay, ready to help get your investment in the best position it can be, right from the get go. 

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