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Adam Bourke

Insurance for your home, investment or yourself - from your Paddington finance team

Whether you're looking to protect your property, your family, or yourself, we have you covered with a range of quality insurance options.

Mortgage Choice in Paddington has trusted insurance partners, as well as our expert in-house Financial Planner, Shaylan Ramnath, who enable us to help our clients set up all the insurances they need to be confident that they're covered for the unexpected.  

Home Buildings & Contents insurance

Are your treasured possessions protected? Adam Bourke and his team from Mortgage Choice in Paddington offer Home Buildings and Contents insurance through Allianz with a range of features and benefits to give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

Landlord Insurance

Mortgage Choice in Paddington also offers Landlord Insurance through our partner, Allianz, to give you the confidence that comes with having insurance protection for your investment property and its contents.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurances can cover a range of events, and although we'd rather not like to think about it, if something unfortunate were to happen then we'd all want our loved ones to be looked after.

This range of insurances includes Income Protection, Life, Critical Illness and Total & Permanent Disability insurances. Our experienced Financial Planner can sit down and go through what will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget so that you're confident in your cover.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Our team partners with ALI Group, enabling us to help our clients across Paddington, Milton, Bardon and Brisbane areas to set up loan protection. Loan protection can be put in place at any time while you are in the process of obtaining your home loan, or even after settlement.


Book an appointment with us online, or call us today on 07 3369 5620 to find out what insurances would be the right fit for your lifestyle.

Our panel of insurance providers

We can guide you and give you the information you need to find the right insurance for your needs. ~

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