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It’s important to remember this is only a guide to help you ask the right questions and highlight the important considerations. Your local Mortgage Choice home loan expert can help you assess the mortgage market and find a home loan that’s tailored to your individual needs. 

2023 State of Play - A Bluewealth Australian Property Market Report

Bluewealth has just released its 2023 State of Play - an Australian Property Market Outlook - including specifics for each capital city and major regional areas.

If you need to know what insights economic forecaster Gavin Chau (Senior Research Analyst at Bluewealth Property) has to share in regard to both the Brisbane and broader Australian property market, download your free guide here or from the Bluewealth website

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Core Logic: Best of The Best 2022 Market Report

In 2022, the Australian property market underwent a shift in market conditions. While last year's Best of the Best celebrated some of the strongest annual sales turnover and value growth on record, this year's report examines some of the most resilient markets as we move through one of Australia's fastest interest rate tightening cycles in history.

This report from CoreLogic provides a fascinating insight to the year that was 2022 and an outlook for the market in 2023.

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Step By Step Guide to Property Ownership

If you're looking at getting into the property market, it's important to check that you're ready.

There are many steps involved in purchasing a property which can vary between residential and investment properties. This guide explains each step in order as well as what is involved at every stage of the purchasing process.

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First Home Buyers Guide

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make. Throughout the process, you’ll undoubtedly have some important questions and decisions to make.  This guide has been prepared to assist you along the path to property ownership and in your overall financial journey.

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Upgrading Your Home

Thinking of moving on?

You’ve finally built up enough equity to play with and you’re wondering which direction you should take. With a growing family, adding a second storey sounds like a good idea. Or should you consider a new address altogether? Let’s explore both



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Thinking of Refinancing?

Life doesn’t stand still, so it’s important to ensure that your home loan keeps up with you and your changing lifestyle.  This guide has been prepared to explain what refinancing involves, how to know if it’s the right move for you, and how we can help.

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Investing in Property?

The property you select isn’t the only aspect that will shape your success as an investor. Your investment loan can also have a big influence on your cash flow and long term returns. Mortgage Choice has helped thousands of people, just like you, achieve their goal of becoming a property investor.


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Using Equity to Invest

Download our guide on home equity to understand what home equity is and how you could use it to start or expand your investing portfolio.

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Understanding Guarantor Loans

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make. A guarantor might be the helping hand you need to get into property sooner. We explain in this guide what a guarantor is, who they are, and how you can benefit.

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Government Grants 2022

Ready to buy your first home?

Here are all the Government  grants available to you in 2022

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QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2021 – 2024

The report, authored by Bis Oxford Economics and sponsored by QBE Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance, deep dives into property market dynamics and forecasts where prices are headed during this extraordinary time.

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Budget Template

Budgeting is an important step to taking control of your finances and achieve goals like saving, investing and becoming financially secure. Best of all, budgeting is simple.

This template will help you identify what your key expenses are, and where you can potentially spend less, and save more, to get you into your own home sooner!

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