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Expert help with your home loan | Thornlie & Gosnells

Finding the right home loan for your next purchase could mean significant savings throughout the life of the loan, and get you the right features you need to get it paid off quickly. The problem is, there are more lenders than ever on the market, making it even more difficult to find the right one. That's where our team in Thornleigh and Gosnells can help. 

How can our team help?

  • We will sit down with you to figure out what you're after and go through your numbers with you.
  • Our team will then sort through our range of home loans and lenders to find the right fit for you.
  • We will complete the application paperwork and submit to the lender, answering any questions they have about your application on your behalf.
  • Our team will follow up with your lender to ensure that your application is moving  through to settlement.
  • We'll even remind you when it's time to review and perhaps refinance your loan to a lower interest rate or better features.

We have over 25 lenders available

Going straight to your bank will only give you access to a limited range of home loans, which may not fit you or your purchase. It's also doesn't give you the opportunity to shop around for the lowest rate. That's the reason so many Australians choose to use a mortgage broker!

And at Mortgage Choice with have a wide range of over 25 lenders - including the big banks and some specialist lenders - to give you access to quality lenders with great loans. We review our full range of available home loans to see what would fit you best! We will then negotiate with the lender on your behalf, so you don't have to. 

Understanding property finance

When it comes to your home loan, there's a bit to understand about your next property finance loan. Start with some of the basics using our educations resources from our team in Thornlie, like:

We're ready to help

If you're ready to purchase your next home - or even if you're still in the planning stages - our Mortgage Choice team in Thornlie and Gosnells would love to help.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat on 08 9259 4488 or click on the Speak to us button to book a call back.

Our team service the areas of Thornlie, Gosnells, Harrisdale, Armadale, Byford, Kelmscott, Southern River, Maddington and surrounds. 

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