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15 November 2022  


very efficient, kind and helpful

03 November 2022  


Mel was amazing to work with. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking at refinancing or dealing with banks.

27 June 2022  


The service we received from our broker (Mel) was first class, she made the entire process extremely easy for us and kept us informed throughout and was more than willing to answer any questions we had along the way.

23 June 2022  


Mel went above and beyond for us during our separation which made the process of sorting out finances very easy.
Thank you!

08 April 2022  


I never fill out these but because of my personal experience with Mel when I seen this email pop up I thought the amount of effort and try Mel put into making my wish come true, the least I could do was acknowledge her commitment to the smartline branch and her community. Thankyou for such a wonderful service.
Becky K

03 February 2022  


23 January 2022  


Great to contact. Always has the answer or works hard finding it. Great advice and keeps the client in mind.

22 December 2021  


Informative, smooth, easy process. I would recommend to anyone. Mel was great. Helped us terrificaly through the process and was able to quickly update our applications when things changed at the last moment. People often comment about how difficult home loan applications are but I can honestly say it was as easy as a short meeting and Mel handled everything else. Our first home loan was a breeze!

08 December 2021  


13 November 2021  


Very good in Katherine I will highly recommend

09 November 2021  


Mel Whelan made the process really easy for my wife and I to find right home loans for us with the right mortgage lender!
I would highly recommend Mel to anyone else that needs help in finding the right mortgage and will be sure to go back to Mel in the future.

30 October 2021  


03 October 2021  


Mel worked very hard for us and we couldn't be happier with the Service provided

11 September 2021  


Mel was fantastic and I would highly recommend her! She's still happy to answer queries and help me even weeks after settlement.

31 August 2021  


Mel Whenlan was great to work with and made the process easy.

27 April 2021  


Good definitely recommend

18 March 2021  


08 March 2021  


13 January 2021  


Mel was extremely knowledgeable about all the current offers on the table from a lot of different lenders. She made the experience of buying my first property not only an easy one but very stress free. I couldn’t recommend her work enough.

05 December 2020  


24 November 2020  


Excellent market and product knowledge

24 November 2020  


Mel was fantastic throughout the whole process, keeping us informed and kindly responding to the many queries of a first home owner. Excellent service

06 November 2020  


This lovely Lady worked hard on our behalf to get us into our first home. She has conducted herself very professionally but has kept the "human" side of the process going as well. Our Fairy riding a Unicorn! Thank You.

21 September 2020  


08 September 2020  


10 August 2020  


Mel Whelan provided a comprehensive level of service. Due to other matters, there was an extended period of time before the home loan was finalised. Mel was always available every step of the way. have been recommending Mel & will continue to do so

30 April 2020  



16 February 2020  


27 January 2020  


Excellence persistence with the bank. Regular updates, friendly and efficient service. Excellent product knowledge.

15 July 2019  


Mel went above and beyond my expectations. She made the experience effortless and extremely easy was a pleasure working with Mel. I will be recommending her to all friends and family!!! Thanks

21 June 2019  


Mell is just the best great to deal with

12 September 2018  


17 February 2018  


26 December 2017  


13 December 2017  


08 December 2017  


Excellent service by Mel Whelan. As first home buyers, we were not sure of many aspects of applying for loan. Mel did a great job by explaining everything patiently and assisting us with her knowledge of the industry. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

02 October 2017  


Mel was the saving factor in a deal which could have easily fallen through. Mel delivered a very high level of satisfaction in the professional and timely manner in which she went about financing and refinancing to meet our personal requirements. I have already recommended Mel to other colleagues and friends of mine.

20 April 2017  


Mel Whelan was the saving factor in a deal which could have easily fallen through. Mel delivered a high level of satisfaction in the professional and timely manner in which she went about financing and refinancing to meet our personal requirements. I have already recommended Mel to other colleagues and friends of mine.

20 April 2017  


Mel Whelan can recommend her

21 January 2017  


Fantastic service! As a new home owner, I was made to feel comfortable and that no question was a silly one! I would recommend smartline 100%.

13 December 2016  


Mel Whelan did an amazing job arranging my home loan, she took away all the stress and got the best deal for me.

11 November 2016  


Mel did a great job not only for myself & husband but Mel also did our daughters first ever home buying experience wish was a great experince for all will be recommending to family & friends, also work colleagues- thanks Mel top job great experience

19 June 2016  


Even though we knew Mel she acted very professional at all times. She was soo knowledgeable and knew her products. Her laid back attitude made us feel very comfortable especially when making decisions and signing contracts.
Have already recommended her and Smartline to other family and friends.

07 January 2016  


Having had many recommendations to use Mel as our broker we were disappointed with the service. There were many changes in bank rules etc along the way, which may have been avoided if the applications were completed and lodged before she went on holidays. We found we had to contact her in order to get information.

10 September 2015  


29 July 2015  


28 June 2015  


03 June 2015  


17 May 2015  


08 April 2015  


05 April 2015  


Our conveyancer ran a root with the settlement statement. Mel took the time to brake it down explain it to me simply and balanced it down to the cent. Much appreciated Thanks Mel!

10 February 2015  


Thankyou for providing an opportunity to praise the work of Melinda Whelan. I have been utilising the service of Melinda the past few years and I always find her to be professional in all areas of service. Melinda (Mel) is only to ready to answer any questions I may have (no question is a stupid question) and she assists us to get the most from our lending. I have been very confident in recommending Mel to friends and work colleagues, as I know that they would be in good hands.

04 February 2015  


Mel is always accommodating, I fully trust the advise that I am given for my needs at the time. The best advise and service that a client can receive and ask for.I have recommended Mel to many of my friend and they continually go back as their circumstances change. Mel deserves a medal.

29 December 2014  


It was a breeze, the service provided took the hassle out of finding finance. Would recommend to anyone. Service was great and with a smile!

16 November 2014  


17 September 2014  


very easy to work with, responsive and friendly- Keep up teh good work Mel :-)

15 September 2014  


Mel was fantastic! Kept us informed every step of the way and we wouldn't hesitate in using her again for our next home purchase. Mel has a very good reputation around Katherine for the work she does and she should be commended for that! Bec

19 May 2014  


Mel absolutely went above and beyond. She was extremely professional, approachable and knowledgeable. I was recommending her to people before our home loan was finalised. Wherever we move, we will continue to use Mel! A1, 5 stars!!

16 May 2014  


Great Service, Thankyou

28 April 2014  


Melinda always goes out of her way to fit you in, look into the best deal and is totally flexible. I have recommend her to several of my friends who have all raved about her service .

27 April 2014  


Super friendly and helpful and answered even the dumbest of questions!

24 April 2014  


Mel Whelan is an exceptional adviser, always readily available and it is the best client services i have received from any service i have engaged in. this lady needs a medal. Due to Mels service i have recommended her to many of my friends and they all agree about the exceptional service they receive.

03 April 2014  


01 April 2014  


Mel was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process in helping us buy our first home. We were difficult customers because we wanted a rural property on a particular road and it needed to be certified, we finally found the right one and Mel helped us through quickly and smoothly!

01 November 2013  


This is the second time that I have used the service of Smartline (Melinda Whelan). I have been very happy with the service. I have and will continue to recommend the services of Melinda to friends and family.

17 October 2013  


Mel's service was exceptional. And still is. I feel very important. Nothing is a problem.

19 September 2013  


Mel made the process very easy for us, she helped us take control of our current loan situation and when we were delayed by the bank she made contact with the bank to ensure that our builder received his payment within a reasonable time. I would highly recommend Melinda, the entire experience was stress free and easy. I plan to use her service again.

18 September 2013  


Mel was so easy to deal with; choices with full explanation were given and what she said made sense. My business transaction was delt with in a highly professional manner that also included friendly customer service above and beyond what one would consider normal customer service - all of this makes you feel important and definately want to come back

02 August 2013  


01 August 2013  


Advisors name Melinda Whelan. Not on the list

25 July 2013  


13 March 2013  


We have gone to Mel twice now and have recommended her to a number a friends, the whole experience was fantastic from the nervous start to the very end.

12 January 2013  


Mel was fantastic, always helpful, even for the silly questions.

07 January 2013  


I liked the flexibility with appointment times and the fact she always go that extra mile to accommodate you.

18 December 2012  


Mel gave us a FANTASTIC experiance & was always fast getting back to us with answers & nothing was ever any trouble. The process was smooth & we didn't have to worry about a thing.

11 December 2012  


Mel was great, she knows her stuff and when we came up to obsticles, she overcame them. Thanks Mel.

25 October 2012  


Mel was fantastic! Nothing seemed too much trouble for her when we asked and she was keen to get the right accounts sorted for us. She also contacted us after everything was sorted to make sure we were happy and things were as we had agreed. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

08 October 2012  


03 October 2012  


Great service. Very approachable

25 September 2012  


just a huge thankyou to mel and the team at smartline

21 August 2012  


If it wasn't for Mel professional advice we may not have bought the house of our dreams. We are lucky to have Mel in a small town of Katherine.

27 July 2012  


We were extremely impressed with Melinda's service, i will definitely go to her again and will recommend her to others. Thank you so much for your help and assistance.

11 May 2012  


My Adviser was fantastic! Completely professional but at the same had a terrific personal touch that made it easy to relate and relay my needs and expectations!

06 May 2012  


I was so happy with Mel that I have referred my sister to her. I have also told other friend about her.

01 May 2012  


01 April 2012  


29 March 2012  


Mel was very compassionate and professional. I have and will continue to reccomend her services to friends and clients in the future. Mel was always propmt in her replies to us contacting her and never made us feel like we were a bother. Excellent outcome.

19 March 2012  


17 March 2012  


Mel is a fantastic adviser and has gone out of her way in all instances to provide sound advice and support. Very happy.

11 February 2012  


06 February 2012  


i wish i could get staff as good as melinda whelan

03 January 2012  


18 December 2011  


Melinda was excellent all the way through the process of reorganising our loans. We had been wanting to do it for years. Melinda made it all so easy. Our friends will definately be using Smartline.

09 November 2011  


Melinda provides an excellent service. I found her very efficient, actually listens and goes the extra mile to get you what you need.

25 October 2011  


Have already recommended Melinda to other people, her service was great, nothing was an issue and she explains everything very clearly

15 October 2011  


14 September 2011  


As a first home buyer not knowing all details I found Melinda to be easy to understand. Any questions where answered with ease as well as a speedy service.

06 September 2011  


07 June 2011  


Only downfall was the bank and their delay in corresponding, not the advisors fault.

24 May 2011  


If all Personal Mortgage Advisors are the quality of Melinda, then you are will be the preferred agency for Personal Mortgage Advisors in no time. Melinda should be used to train others as her knowledge, people skills, and efficiency are second to none (and I've dealt with a number of people in my time).

03 May 2011  


Awesome service from Mel. Very friendly, knew her products and kept us informed throughout the whole process. After the process was complete, we still had further contact ensuring we were 100% happy. The thankyou basket was a great touch. We will definitely use her again!! Darren & Heather Kirk

24 April 2011  


20 April 2011  


07 April 2011  


19 March 2011  

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