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First Home Buyer Specialist in Katherine, Darwin and Palmerston

Mel Whelan - supporting you all the way with your first home purchase

Ready to purchase your first home? Give Mel a call on 0417 870 490 or email Mel Here:

It is exciting. It is scary, but when you are ready to move ahead with your first home loan, Mel Whelan, your local Home Loan Specialist and First Home Owner Mortgage Broker will prepare all the paperwork and support you at every step to settlement.

You will have a lot of questions, and that is good, as Mel has a lot of answers !

First Home Owners Grants - What am I entitled too, how do I apply, what else do I need to know, what about the paperwork. The good news is Mel is here to help you, every step of the way: 

To find out more,

please email Mel: Here 

or call Mel on 0417 870 490

or  use this link to Book an Appointment

Mel will let you know whether you're eligible for assistance schemes such as the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) and others and will explain the costs & process.

Should you purchase a property even if it means adding LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance)? 

When housing values are appreciating faster than the cost of LMI, it can make financial sense to buy today and pay LMI rather than holding out to save a bigger deposit only to end up paying more for a first home further down the track. 

LMI is a type of insurance that applies if you have less than a 20% deposit. As a first home buyer, you don’t have to shop around for LMI, your lender will arrange it for you. 

The catch is that LMI protects the lender, not you, if you can’t keep up the home loan repayments. So it’s often seen as a cost to avoid, especially as the one-off premium can be a major upfront expense.

Home loan resources for first home buyers

If you're researching the best way to enter the property market, then you may find our property guides useful. Check them out below by clicking the links.

Even if you are NOT ready to purchase your first home, Yet! 

To find out more,

please email Mel: Here 

or call Mel on 0417 870 490

or  use this link to Book an Appointment


First Home Buyer Specialist in Katherine, Darwin and Palmerston 


NT Government Home Owner Assistance Links. 

Home owner assistance - Northern Territory

First home owner grant (FHOG) Northern Territory


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