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What is Property Investment?

An investment property is a form of real estate acquired with the intention of generating financial returns. These returns can manifest in two primary ways: through rental income, where the owner leases the property to a tenant or business, and through future capital gains, realized when the property is sold at a profit. In many cases, investors pursue both objectives simultaneously.

The overarching goal of an investment property typically centers around wealth accumulation and the creation of a passive income stream. Consequently, the criteria for selecting an ideal investment property differ significantly from those used when acquiring a residence for personal use.

Several advantages are associated with property investment. However, a successful investment strategy necessitates a systematic approach that involves making unemotional decisions based on the potential for optimal returns. To facilitate this decision-making process, the following key factors should be carefully considered


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Top 6 Tips - Residential Investment Properties

1. Capital Growth: Capital growth signifies the increase in a property's value over time. Evaluating growth-trend indicators in the target area is crucial, including analyzing the median sale price for the locality and its historical trends. Utilizing tools like property market research can provide insights into capital growth trends, assisting in projecting potential financial gains over time.

2. Rental Demand and Yield: Investors often plan to generate income by renting out their property. Assessing areas with robust rental demand and yield is pivotal in determining the financial viability of an investment property. Rental yield measures the property's profitability by comparing expected rental income against ownership and maintenance costs, encompassing mortgage payments, strata fees, council fees, maintenance, and insurance. Ideally, a consistent rental income should sufficiently cover these costs

3. Location: Location is a cornerstone of real estate investment. Considering the perspective of prospective tenants and their preferences is paramount. Access to public transport, schools, shopping centers, and other essential amenities can significantly enhance a property's attractiveness to potential renters. Additionally, the safety and overall atmosphere of the neighborhood are key determinants of the property's growth potential.

4. Type of Property: Choosing between a house and an apartment depends largely on one's budget and the property's location. Different property types appeal to various demographics. Houses typically have higher upfront costs and maintenance requirements but often yield higher rents and capital growth. In contrast, apartments are generally more affordable and require less maintenance but may entail additional costs like strata fees.

5. Age of the Property: The age of the property has implications for maintenance expenses. Older properties may require more upkeep, and their condition should be thoroughly inspected, including the structure and fixtures. Factor in costs and assess whether renovations are necessary for the property's profitability.

6. Property Features: Even though you won't be residing in the property, tenant preferences are crucial. Features such as a garage, extra bathrooms, or a home office space can enhance a property's rental value. Consider the layout and design, focusing on practicality and natural light, as these aspects are often sought after by tenants.

These factors are interconnected; the property's location and age influence its capital growth potential, for instance. Therefore, a holistic assessment of these considerations is essential before making an investment decision.

Conducting thorough research and seeking the guidance of a Property Investment Lending specialist like Mel Whelan will further enhance your understanding and help you embark on a successful journey as a property investor

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