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Peter Johnson

By Invitation Only

Knowledge is Power

At Mortgage Choice at Sutherland we are passionate about educating our clients to empower them to make the right choices about the role property can play in securing their financial futures.

Throughout the year we do accompany our clients to information seminars and workshops covering a range of topics such as Property Investment, Self Managed Super Funds, NRAS, Using Equity etc...

You Tell Us What You Need

Our clients are clients for life and as such we talk regularly about what's next. If you ask for the chance to do further research we'll be delighted to invite you to the event that's right for you.

Seminars and Workshops

Come with us because any event we take you to will be:

Exclusive - not available to the general public

Relevant - we know what you want to explore

Interesting and thought provoking - presenters are experts in their fields

Informative - you get plenty of time to ask the questions you've prepared, or in response to what you've heard.

Refreshingly non threatening - You're our client and your privacy is protected at all times. We don't provide your details to anyone at the workshops and seminars and the completion of all feedback forms is optional and can be done anonymously.

They are a Hard-Sell free zone.

Worried you won't be invited?

Check out if an event is running and give us a call. Together we will look at your numbers and go from there.

Contact us today.

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