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Buying property in Samford, QLD

Samford is a beautiful place to live with rolling hills, wide, open spaces and a country charm. Samford’s proximity to both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast makes it a great place to live or even visit for a day trip.

Over the last year, the median property price in Samford was $1,646,000 for houses. As your Mortgage Broker in Samford Sarah Doyle will let you know how you stand in terms of borrowing options, leaving you free to focus on selling your current home and choosing your next property. 

Before you start shopping around for a home or investment property, it’s a good idea to learn what your borrowing power is. In other words, how much you can afford to borrow. To find out, get in contact with Sarah this week.

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How does the home loan process work?

If you're looking at getting into the property market, it's important to check that you're ready. The home loan process is fairly straightforward, however, it can't hurt to book an appointment with our mortgage broker in Samford to have a better understanding. To help you understand the process, we have provided an overview below.

1. Meet with our Mortgage Broker - Sarah Doyle. We'll meet with you to understand your financial & lifestyle goals.

2. Once we've helped you choose the loan that's right for you, we'll help you prepare the application and guide you through the process.

3. Receive conditional approval. The lender will provide conditional approval while they organise the property valuation and conduct a credit check. As your mortgage broker in Samford, Sarah will stay in touch with the lender and keep you informed along the way.

4. The next step is to receive unconditional (full) approval. This approval acknowledges that your home loan application has been approved.

5. It's time to complete the loan documents. Once your loan documents arrive, we'll organise a time to meet and help you complete the document.

6. It's settlement day. If you're purchasing a property, your solicitor/conveyancer will organise settlement directly with the lender. If you're refinancing your existing home loan, the lenders will liaise directly to exchange the documents.

7. Your loan is now complete! But don't worry, our service doesn't end once your loan settles. We will stay in touch to make sure your home loan is the right solution for your needs now and in the future.

To learn more, watch our short video below!

Want more information about the home loan process?

Our property guides are packed full of information. If you're ready to lower your mortgage repayments or purchase a new property, then you will find our guides extremely helpful. Download them now.

Get in touch with mortgage broker Sarah Doyle to discuss your loan options - call 0401 435 775.

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