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Refinance your home loan

If you're looking to save money on your home loan just ask! The first step is finding out if there is a better interest rate or features available to you. As your Mortgage Choice Broker in Warner, Sarah will compare your current home loan against hundreds of others to see if we can get you a better deal.

We search a wide panel of lenders including Australia’s big banks and a selection of specialist lenders to help you secure the right loan for your personal situation.

Why should you refinance your home loan? 

If you’ve had a home loan for a few years now, it is worth getting in touch with us to review your finances to see how much you could potentially save. Some of the main benefits of refinancing your home loan include:

  • Obtain a new loan with a lower rate or more appropriate features
  • Save on interest repayments
  • Consolidate your debts
  • Increase your loan amount or access equity for other personal and financial goals.

Property guide to refinancing your home loan

Should you refinance your current home loan or stick to your existing one? Learn everything there is about it refinancing in our free property guide! It's packed full of information about the process and the pros and cons.

A free Home Loan Health Check can help work out if your loan is still right for you or if you could benefit from lower rates or different loan options.

To organise an appointment call Mortgage Choice Broker - Sarah Doyle on 0401 435 775.

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