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Do you know the interest rate you’re being charged on your mortgage? Have you stopped to consider how it compares to the interest rate being charged on similar home loan products? Refinancing your home loan can lead you to save costs by getting a lower interest rate. But when is actually the right time to refinance?

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How does refinancing work?

Before you refinance your home loan, it’s important to understand how refinancing works.

‘Refinancing’ means taking out a new home loan with a different lender to replace your current loan. Usually, there is some paperwork involved, however as your broker, we can take care of this for you. As your local home loan expert in Adelaide, Alex has access to hundreds of loans from a wide choice of leading lenders, including Australia’s big banks and a selection of specialist lenders.


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A guide to refinancing your home loan

Our free guide to refinancing is packed full of information about the process, the costs vs savings, how to compare interest rates and so much more! If you're chasing more information on the refinancing process, then download our free guide below.

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