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Investing in property in the Hawkesbury area

Investment loans might all look the same but the truth is, they're pretty different. Finding the right investment loan will help you make the most of your investment. We have hundreds of investment loans available all with great rates and features. If you're ready to purchase an investment property, then these tips could help you maximise the return on your investment.

💡 Research sold property prices in the area, using tools such as Corelogic & Onthehouse.

💡 Understand your finances and put a budget in place!

💡 If buying at auction, make sure you take emotion out of it and base your offer on logic & facts.

💡 Book an appointment with a finance & property expert.

If you're ready to take action, then let us help! We'll talk you through all the things you need to consider.

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Investment property loans made simple

Andrew Heath and the team at Mortgage Choice Richmond, Pitt Town and Bligh Park will keenly guide you through the sometimes confusing process of servicing a loan for an investment property.

Whether you're seeking an interest only loan or a principal and interest loan ('P and I'), Andrew can explain to you the importance of:

  • Positive and negative gearing
  • Eligibility for stamp duty concessions
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Building potential equity for future borrowings 

What is positive and negative gearing?

‘Gearing’ is simply a way to describe borrowing to invest. So if you take out a loan to buy a rental property, your investment is said to be geared. Now in many cases, the costs of owning that property including rates, insurance, repairs and loan interest, add up to more than the annual rent earned, meaning the investor is left with a loss each year. In this case, the property is ‘negatively geared’.

Many investors are comfortable with this situation because at tax time that annual loss can normally be offset against regular wage or salary income. This can reduce your total tax bill, potentially making a negatively geared property very tax-friendly.

Some rental properties can generate annual rent that adds up to more than the costs of owning the place. In this case, the property is said to be ‘positively geared’. It means your rental property provides regular, additional income – not just long term capital growth. Instead of being able to claim a tax deduction, positively geared investors may need to put money aside for the tax applicable on this extra income.

Learn more about this in our short video below!

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