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Do you think it's cheaper to rent? Some may believe it's cheaper to rent for the rest of their lives rather than buy a property and pay down the mortgage. However, determining, whether to rent or buy, comes down to an individual's situation. If you're putting off buying purely because you think it's more expensive than renting, then please reach out to our team this week. We'd love to help you purchase your own home!

As your local home loan experts, we’ll take the time to search through hundreds of home loans from our lenders to find the one that suits you. We’ll also help you determine if you're eligible for any concessions, as well as prepare the loan application on your behalf and follow it through to settlement, keeping you up to date along the way

Just get in touch with Darren Dell, Mortgage Broker in Shellharbour, Albion Park, Kiama and the surrounding area this week.

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Do I need Lenders Mortgage Insurance? If you have less than a 20% deposit, you may need to pay for lender's mortgage insurance (LMI). LMI is a one-off insurance payment that protects the lender in the event that you default on your home loan repayments.

LMI is not a fixed price and the cost can vary substantially based on a range of factors including Lender, total loan amount and how far over the 80% threshold you are looking to borrow so it’s worth speaking to an experienced mortgage broker to understand the various options and if you are required to pay LMI how much it is likely to cost.

To find out what this means for you, chat with Darren Dell this week.

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If you would like to do some of your own research first, make sure you check out our home loan resources below!

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