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At its heart, Woollahra has a variety of cool cafes, old-fashioned pubs and award-winning restaurants, so we are confident that you will never go thirsty or hungry in this beautiful suburb. The people who live in Woollahra are individuals who want to put down roots.

Locals tend to spend their weekends casually strolling down Queen Street, where they can enjoy patisseries, bars, antique stores, restaurants, florists and many boutique clothing stores. It even caters to individuals who may enjoy a more outdoor and sporty lifestyle. If you’re in the mood to break a sweat, head across the road at the top of Oxford Street to enjoy the lush fields in Centennial Park.

If you’re ready to start your property search in Woollahra or the surrounding area, it’s good to know that as of November 2021, the median property prices for a house in Woollahra is $3,970,000 and $1,300,000 for units. If you’re ready to start your home loan journey, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Marianne Snaidero - Top-rated Mortgage Broker in Woollahra 

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As a Mortgage Broker in Woollahra we are here to:

  • Provide you with real choice. We are here to help you find you the right deal. 
  • Work with multiple lenders, not just one, giving you the opportunity to find the right home loan.
  • Negotiate a better outcome for your situation
  • Help you at a time and place that suits you
  • Save you time and stress.

Which home loan feature should you choose?

When it’s time to find a home loan, we know that there are many factors to consider on top of interest rates, however, we are here to guide you through this. Having the right facilities could save you a lot of money in the long run, so it's worth understanding what's available in the market and the benefits offered by different loan features.

Some of the common home loan features include:

  • All in one loan account
    This is a loan account that acts as a combined mortgage, savings and cheque account. You have a central mortgage account into which your salary and any other cash payments are deposited. The extra cash in your account reduces the principal amount owing and thereby the amount of interest charged.

  • Professional package
    Professional packages are generally only available on home loan amounts over a certain value. Usually, the greater the loan amount the more likely the lender will be to offer additional interest rate discounts.

  • Additional repayments
    These are payments that you make which are above the standard repayment for your loan. If you want to pay the loan off quickly and reduce the interest bill, you might make extra monthly payments.

  • Direct salary credit
    Allows your salary to be paid directly into your home loan account. This is an advantage if you are not a disciplined saver.

  • Switch to fixed rate
    Allows the borrower to switch from a variable to a fixed rate loan.

  • Top-up
    Allows a borrower to increase the limit on a home loan, using the equity in your property for other needs (e.g. renovations).

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