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Living in Ashburton

If you live in Ashburton or are considering a move there, I get it!  The pool, the schools, the shops in Ashburton Village or even nearby Ashwood.  There's a lot to like.  No wonder so many families buy their home in Ashburton.

A recent study by Torrens University found Ashburton's residents have the longest lifespan in Victoria (along with Brighton) - a whopping 89 years! So there's obviously something pretty good going on there.  It's probably the excellent cafes in the High Street.  

According to at November 2023, the median house purchase price in Ashburton is $2.01m.  That median purchase price is a smidge below East Malvern, for example.  Ashburton is a "high demand" suburb, according to the website's search rate.



Home Loan Services in Ashburton

If you'd like help securing your home loan or reviewing your mortgage for possible savings, then give me a call.  My team and I offer mortgage strategy advice, helping you find and secure the best home loan for your home or investment property.  We review home loans from more than 35 lenders, including the big 4 banks.   We do all the paperwork and lender chasing...and there can be a lot of that! 

Our services are free to you - the lender pays our fee. Our office is in Oakleigh, less than 5km from Ashburton.  Most of our meetings are by call or Zoom now.


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Book a 15 minute call with me, we'll soon work out if I can help you find a better mortgage for your Ashburton dream!


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