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What's it like to live in East Malvern?



I can personally recommend East Malvern as a great suburb to live in.  It was where I lived when we first moved to Melbourne from London, with our young family.  My wife grew up in East Malvern, we had family there and there was a wonderful range of parks, clubs, cafes and great schools - as well as a strong community behind it all.  It was super easy to get into the city by road or train.  We would play with our kids in Central Park.  We still get our pies from Clancy's Bakery on Waverly Rd.

House Prices in East Malvern

According to at November 2023, the median house purchase price in East Malvern is $2.03m.  You can add at least a lazy million to that figure if you're targetting the beautiful Gascoigne Estate!


Finding the best Home Loan for you

If you're looking for a mortgage to buy or refinance a home in East Malvern, there's every chance you're a mid to high income earner.  You probably have one to two household incomes and maybe a couple of kids. 

As an Chartered Accountant, having worked with PWC and corporate retailers in London, I'm familiar with your situation.  You'd like to save money, of course, but what you lack most is time.  As well as finding a great mortgage for you by reviewing offers by more than 30 lenders, we'll do the paperwork and lender chasing too, all at no fee to you. Our aim is to make your mortgage experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.


Our process:

  • First, we'd have a short call, so I can understand your goals as well as your personal and financial situation. 
  • Next steps would be for you to upload some key financial documents to our secure portal.  We analyse them, then we have a longer call or Zoom, as I talk you through your best lending options. 
  • If you decide to proceed with a home loan application, we'll do all the paperwork and lender chasing (and believe me, there's always lender chasing!). 
  • We stay with you through to settlement and beyond, to make sure everything's working smoothly.Other Property & Borrowing Help

As well as helping find and secure the best mortgage or home loan for you, there are other ways I can help with your property journey:

  • provide you with property reports, either for the area or for a specific property you're evaluating to buy
  • provide you with recommendations of excellent conveyancers and other services you might need on your property buying journey
  • general guidance on property buying, mortgage selection etc


Book a call with me

So book a 15 minute call today, at a time that suits you.  We'll quickly ascertain how I can help you. 

Not sure? Take a look at our 300+ Google Reviews for recent client opinions of our services. 


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