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Buying a new car? Chat with your local Mortage Broker!

As your local mortgage broker in Liverpool, Edmondson Park, Hoxton Park, Moorebank and surrounding areas, we have access to wide range of lenders meaning we can find you the best car loan for your circumstances.  

How long will my car loan take to be approved?

You could have your finance approved within 2 days. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances of the transaction the loan approval process can take longer but we will ensure the fastest outcome for you. 

Dealer finance explained

We know that showroom car finance can sound tempting, however it's important to dig a little deeper because the finance you sign up for may not be what you expected.

To begin with, a very low rate can come with serious strings attached. Typically, you have less room to negotiate on the price of the vehicle and that can see you paying thousands of dollars extra for your car. Plus, dealer finance can come stacked with a raft of hidden charges including monthly loan fees and commissions, which quickly bump up the true cost of car finance.

So it's important to search a range of lenders before you commit to your next car loan. Remember, dealer finance can be very restrictive, often with none of the flexible features found with many other car loans. You’ll simply be expected to chip away at finance until the last payment – and early payout penalties can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you're ready to purchase a new car, simply call Priya Deguara on 0414 854 244.

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