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Camerons attention to detail, efficient and professional approach made the refinancing process a simple and straightforward experience. We highly recommend Cameron

27 June 2024  


Cameron McDonald is always great to deal with. Patient, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Highly reccommend

24 June 2024  


Cameron was very helpful and supportive

24 June 2024  


I highly recommend. Knowledgeable, willing to answer any and all questions, great customer service and friendly people to do business with.

08 June 2024  


I think we hold the record for longest handover from getting land titled through to house handover. The whole way through Cameron was excellent, always responsive to questions and quick to send off any documents and chase up paperwork. We are very lucky to have such an attentive person and company to help us through with our journey and will always recommend to anyone. Thank you so much

11 July 2022  


Cameron has helped our clients secure finance and has been fantastic to work with He is very efficient, communication with our clients is impeccable and an extremely high level of customer service is provided for the client throughout their finance journey and beyond. Highly recommend Cameron's services.

10 July 2022  


Cameron has a wealth of knowledge. He was able to very quickly identify my requirements and always responded to my queries in a timely manner. He is both friendly and helpful. Cameron understands we lead a busy lifestyle and I found him to be very patient and mindful whenever I was unavailable. I have no hesitation in recommending Cameron for any mortgage and financial advice and support you may need

17 June 2022  



Wow thanks so much Cameron. This is great news I've been so stressed about this getting approved. You have done it again you are a good man thanks so much.

28 April 2022  


I can't recommend Cameron enough. My family have been using his services for years with the same level of professionalism. I can attest to an easy and stress free experience as Cameron does all the heavy lifting regarding the paperwork and contact with lenders. We are not privy to behind the scenes work that he does on our behalf, however I believe it to be huge and time consuming.

18 March 2022  


17 July 2021  


Cameron very patiently dealt with all my questions and concerns. Couldn't have done it without him.

17 July 2021  



Cameron is a fantastic mortgage broker. He's really patient and thorough and does a great job at finding the best options for his clients. He's also very nice! I highly recommend him.

Caroline Ottinger
03 December 2020  


Cameron is a very knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker who's a pleasure to deal with. In the last 10 years Cameron has secured highly competitive mortgages with major lenders at interest rates that I would never have achieved dealing with the lenders directly. I thoroughly recommend Cameron to anyone wanting to clarify their borrowing capacity, secure a new mortgage or pre-approval or re-finance an existing mortgage.

17 July 2020  


Cameron was and is very understanding and helpful with my personal situation.
Have and will continually recommend him and his services as my experience with Cameron was flawless.
Thank you Cameron.

17 July 2020  



Cameron is a very knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker who's a pleasure to deal with. In the last 10 years Cameron has secured highly competitive mortgages with major lenders at interest rates that I would never have achieved dealing with the lenders directly. I thoroughly recommend Cameron to anyone wanting to clarify their borrowing capacity, secure a new mortgage or pre-approval or re-finance an existing mortgage.

Clive Milham
04 March 2020  


We are very thankful for Cameron's professional, responsive and honest assistance with the whole mortgage process from beginning to end. Cameron was so knowledgeable and attentive and made us feel comfortable and educated us at every stage. Everything went smoothly, and he found us the best possible interest rate. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Cameron made us feel like we were one of his top clients. We would highly recommend Cameron and his company Mortgage Choice in Keilor Park to anyone.

18 July 2019  


We would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received during the entire refinancing process. Cameron's professionalism and knowledge of the industry was impressive and truly appreciated. Cameron went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met and that everything was handled thoroughly and efficiently. We have and will continue to recommend him in the future.

18 July 2019  



We first utilised the services of Yew Kong at Mortgage Choice Essendon in July 2004 for a pre-approval. We eventually bought a property in September 2004 and the pre-approval was activated with military precision. One week prior to settlement Yew Kong's determination and efficiency was put to the test, as the selected bank failed to deliver the correct documents in time for my husband to sign before proceeding overseas for a business assignment.

Once the correct documents were obtained, Yew Kong ran around on a few trips to get my signature and then arranged for the documents to be delivered out to Singapore to hasten the process for a smooth settlement. He went beyond the call of duty and provided this extra service with a smile.

Though I was anxious about the settlement, we were confident that Yew Kong would deliver his promises about extraordinary service. We are happy to say that settlement went ahead as scheduled without any hiccups.

We were very impressed with Yew Kong's professionalism, thoroughness in explaining the products and features of the loans, his calm and collected manner when under pressure and his unflinching motivation to provide an excellent service and be responsible for the only acceptable outcome-a smooth and hassle free settlement. We totally trust and respect his advice we have no hesitation to recommend his impeccable services to anyone.

Guido Lilio
16 December 2017  



We first met Yew Kong at a business function where he was a presenter on loans issues affecting small business owners and offered advice on how to save on their loans by structuring them better. We found him to be an expert on such matters and a breath of fresh air on the issues that were related to our situation and that we had limited knowledge on.

We decided to set up a meeting with him to explore our situation in greater details and that is the best decision that we have made in a long while, as far as our finances are concerned. Our situation is fairly complex, suffice to mention that we had a commercial loan for our factory on top of our home and investment loans secured against the 3 properties.

We were paying a fairly high interest p.a. Our home loan wasn't crash hot, either. The interest rate was higher than it should be and there was on-going fees to content with. It just seemed that the bank was bleeding us from all directions.

He refinanced all our loans to a bank who took over a huge part of our commercial loan at a very low home loan interest rate. The home and investment loans were also at that low home loan interest. The best thing was that, there were no ongoing fees on all the loans except one.

From our calculations, he has saved us more $9,500 in bank fees and interest of $2,500 a year. That would equate to more than $200,000 savings over the term of the loans. That is certainly better than a poke in the eye with a blunt instrument and we are amazed what a simple meeting and an assessment can lead to.

Apart from the massive savings that we have achieved, the whole process was relatively smooth. Sure, there were hiccups as you would expect dealing with banks and our complex situation but, Yew Kong was there to smooth out the kinks each time. We have found him to be an authority in his field, very efficient, patient and was constantly keeping us informed of the situation.

We would say that it was an overall pleasant journey, so much so that, we had no hesitation in recommending him to our sister whom he has helped and in future, to any of our family, friends or business associates. In conclusion, we have no hesitation in endorsing his expertise and high level of service. We just feel that Yew Kong is on a personal mission and crusade to help anyone he comes across in finding them a better loan and help them save money.

Maybe, that is why he is so confident in offering his guarantee, which I am sure he will not be challenged on, at the rate he is going.

Tony and Jenny Banks
16 December 2017  



My brother, Pieter recently had the bad luck of having a medical procedure go wrong which put him out of work for 4 months. As a result, his mortgage which was leveraged against my home, fell into arrears. At the same time, I had intentions of renovating my home and consolidate my expensive car loan. Once Pieter returned to work and got his mortgage in order, we approached our bank that turned us down. We then saw a broker who recommended that we should refinance with Interstar Securities, an institution that specializes on borrowers who have credit impairment or had their mortgage in arrears. They charge interest of more than 10%. We felt we had no other options!

Pieter met Yew-Kong at a seminar when he was presenting to a business group and was impressed with his sound knowledge and honesty. We decided to seek a second opinion and that was probably the best decision we have made in a long while.

A few days later we met up and he is everything Pieter made him out to be and more. He immediately said that something was wrong and that we should not go anywhere near InterStar as they are a lender of last resort, hence the high interest rate. He did not promise anything but was confident a few mainstream banks will consider our case because of hardship clauses in loan contracts. He was patient, clear and concise with his explanation which made our selection process that much easier.

We decided to go ahead with the application and I cannot believe what he has achieved for us. The whole process was smooth, stress free and a dream. That is not to mention the time we saved having someone take care of everything for us?all absolutely free. The dream run has everything to do with Yew-Kong and his team in Essendon. He is organised, meticulous and kept us informed at every stage of the process.

I must admit at one stage, I wanted things to happen quicker and was slightly anxious. All he did was assured me that everything was under control and that I should take the weekend off and have a few chardies and relax. He is just so calm that I feel so re-assured each time after speaking with him.

Not only is he efficient, he has integrity and will absolutely go all out to help us get the best loan and savings. He has saved us 3.5% in interest rate and thousands of dollars both in fees and interest over the coming years. To say that I am most impressed with the whole experience would be an understatement.

I have no hesitation in recommending his service to anybody. In fact, I will actively drum up some referrals to him as I feel more people deserve to receive his impeccable service and in the process save themselves thousands of dollars and not be duped by other unscrupulous operators.

Victoria Kukac
16 December 2017  



Ten years ago, I would not have believed that I would be on the verge of buying my third property before I reached the age of 35. I work with the Postal Services, earning a modest income. No, I did not strike the Tattslotto, if that's what you think!

It was my good fortune to meet Yew-Kong Lye who advised me on how to structure my loan with the equity from my first property to buy my second property. The repayments were paid from the rental income and I did not have to dip into my own pocket for any of the repayments. Now, four years later, I'm ready to invest in my third piece of property.

Not only did Yew Kong give me good advice on how to structure my loan to get the best mileage out of my first investment property, he saved me a lot of time as well. Dealing with Yew-Kong was a pleasant experience. He took control of the loan application and dealt with the lender removing all the stress of seeing the loan through the different processes involved from the submission till settlement from me. That is why I have come to him again to help me with my loan application for my third piece of property. I have no qualms about recommending him to all my friends.

Miodrag Simic
16 December 2017  



The whole process from start to finish has been a very challenging one , but we believe we have reached an acceptable resolution to all the issues and Danielle and Sam can now focus on the future.

Your assistance during this time was invaluable. You helped us understand our options and added very useful information to the decisions we needed to make. Thank you for your patience, your guidance, your effort and support in helping Danielle & Sam settle the property and achieve a very good outcome.

Andrew Cristini, Existing Client, Who Referred His Daughter
16 December 2017  



Yew Kong, you are by far the best mortgage broker we have come across! Very professional concise and to the point. Friendly, knowledgeable, and always quick to reply to all enquiries. We've greatly appreciated your responsiveness and will certainly be in touch for any future property purchases.

James and April Kalogiannis
16 December 2017  



I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the help I have received. Your focus was getting me a competitive home loan that suited my requirements and you have far exceeded that. You have probably saved me nearly $30,000 in interest over the 30 years life of the loan.

You explained everything clearly and you were very thorough in your processes and kept me informed along the way and never failed to return my calls in a timely manner. Your professionalism is second to none and you completely took charge of the whole process without me having to stress about things. The best part was how you encouraged me to apply for the First Home Buyer additional grant when I thought I did not qualify. I am $18,000 richer.

Again I thank you for the excellent home lending advice and assistance you provided me when getting me into my first home. You ensured that I received very competitive interest rates and provided me with fantastic continual, prompt personal service. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Suzanne Hurst
16 December 2017  



We were very impressed with Yew Kong's professionalism, thoroughness in explaining the products and features of the loans, his calm and collected manner when under pressure and his unflinching motivation to provide an excellent service and be responsible for the only acceptable outcome-a smooth and hassle free settlement. We totally trust and respect his advice we have no hesitation to recommend his impeccable services to anyone.

Wayne & Elena Flood
16 December 2017  



You may remember that you had helped me previously with home loan advice. Unfortunately, there were various reasons why I ultimately chose not to follow through with your advice on the last occasion we met. I recall that the reasons for this were unfortunate and not of your direct making.

I was struck at that time, however, by the fact that you still followed through on your undertakings, even though I made it clear that I would not be taking up the loan that you had arranged because of my disappointment. The fact that you followed through on your actions showed high professionalism on your part, and I have never forgotten that gesture.

So, if you are willing to do so, I would like to again make use of your expertise!

R Brown
16 December 2017  



Thanks Yew Kong & Mortgage Choice Essendon! We are very happy with your services and relieved that the process has come off without a hitch! After our initial stress of being with a different mortgage broker who dropped the ball, we were very worried that we wouldn't even get our finance together in time.

It was such a relief when we engaged your services and you assured us that we would be fine and walked us through the process of applying for loans - and also structuring it in such a way that our resulting finance will benefit us for more than just this investment property. Thanks for your comprehensive and professional service and assistance

S. Rodoreda & J. Richards
16 December 2017  



We really appreciate your personalised support and commitment to ensure settlement goes through without any stress.

S&P McConchie
16 December 2017  



I found my recent dealings with Yew Kong Lye at Mortgage Choice Essendon to be professional and the advice received extremely helpful. I had previously secured the services of Yew Kong & Mortgage Choice Essendon when obtaining a mortgage in 2001 and upon my recent property purchase sought his expert advice again.

After pre-approval, Yew Kong kept me informed with market information via his on-line newsletters. Upon purchase of my new home he was able to progress every stage of the process with my solicitor and the financial institution with great efficiency and in a timely manner. The settlement and financing of my home was completed within a very tight time frame (20 days) to my complete satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Yew Kong.

M. Barnes
16 December 2017  



4 years ago, we were trying to save enough money to purchase our first home. We did not think we would be able to take this huge step in life; however Yew Kong Lye showed us ways of achieving the goals required to own our first home. With Yew’s help we were able to purchase our first home and we moved into our fantastic home in January 2013.

2 years later Yew Kong Lye has helped us re-finance our home loan which in turn will help us save an extra $2000 every month which in turn will be approximately $24000 a year, something we have been struggling to do for a very long time. We can’t wait to see what our future brings, thanks heaps for your continued help!!!

C&M Salazer
16 December 2017  



I have known Yew Kong for many years and have been very pleased to have him as our Mortgage Broker. My husband and I have recently commenced some investment plans and Yew Kong was invaluable in helping us get the most appropriate and cost effective loans for our investments as well as ensuring our home mortgage was the most suitable for our needs.

At all times he was able to provide a wide range of options for us to consider that helped us to achieve our plans. He also ensured that right up to the very end, he supported us through the process so that things always went smoothly. He is very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with at all times. I would gladly recommend Yew Kong and Mortgage Choice Essendon and have done so on numerous occasions.

B&C Deakin
16 December 2017  



I had the good fortune of coming across Yew Kong Lye more than 16 years ago now. I have always found the 'financing' side of life quite complex and problematic. However, Yew Kong has always been able to make this process simple and has consistently found me the best financial products on the market.

Yew Kong was instrumental in me purchasing a property in a suburb that was destined to reap considerable capital return - his general advice has been incredibly helpful and I will be forever grateful for his wisdom and kindness.

Not only has Yew Kong helped me with my mortgages, he has also been great council to me in other aspects of my life. He is selflessly helpful and an inspiration

He is easy to work with and has demonstrated to me a high level of integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Yew Kong as the broker you can work easily with and can be fully trusted.

T Barbera
16 December 2017  

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