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Matt Cunliffe

The uber cool and calm surrounds of Teneriffe should be on your list to buy, or at least to visit!

Teneriffe, located 2.5 km north-east of central Brisbane is an inner-city suburb that has had nothing but growth since it was named a suburb in 2010. Previous to this, the suburb was once apart of Newstead. Now, teneriffe is Brisbane's most sought after suburb with an array of gourmet restaurants, heritage-listed buildings and upmarket stores and social hubs. 

The area’s exclusive character and heritage architecture saw it transformed quickly into a densely populated residential area, boasting some of the best river views and access in Brisbane. As well, the neighbouring suburbs produce a plethora of many more attractions that build the suburbs appeal further. 

Are you looking for an investment property?!

If you are, consider houses or units in Teneriffe! The median rental price for a house is $1,500 PW with a 2.2% annual rental yield, for a unit is $720 PW with a 4.8% annual rental yeild. 

If you are interested, make sure to book an appointment with one of our award winning local brokers, or call us today on 3211 7744. 

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