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Buying a home in The Ponds

Originally part of Kellyville, The Ponds became a suburb in its own right in 2007, and has thrived ever since. With plenty of playgrounds, sporting facilities, and a shopping centre, The Ponds offers everything you could ask for to settle down and raise your family. The well-planned area is filled with leafy avenues and wide streets, and you will feel safe and welcomed in this tight-knit community. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, the bustling Rouse Hill Town Centre is just minutes away for your every need!

In 2022, the median house price for The Ponds was $1,469,990. This ever-growing area could be your new home - and Rupav Kwatra can help you get there! Give him a call today to chat about your next steps to buying a home in The Ponds. 

Getting pre-approval for your home loan in The Ponds

Having your loan amount pre-approved may seem like an unnecessary step in the home buying process, especially if you are an experienced buyer, but it can actually have a number of benefits. 

Pre-approval allows you to

  • Have budget certainty and narrow your search
  • Make offers confidently
  • Avoid overspending in auctions
  • Appear as a serious buyer
  • Complete the settlement process smoothly

So that you can find the right home for you, and move in faster! As your local Mortgage Choice broker in The Ponds, Rupav can ensure that your finances are in the best position to get pre-approval, and he will even complete all the necessary paperwork for you, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

If you want to give yourself the best chance at getting your home loan pre-approved, talk to Rupav Kwatra today on 0432 432 564. 

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