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We are passionate about property buyers in Melbourne having access to great loan options and being set up well in the long run. While your everyday bank might be fantastic, they can only offer their own range of home loans. Meanwhile, our Mortgage Broker Melbourne team have 35+ quality lenders on our panel and do the work for you. 

Wherever you're located, our Mortgage Broker Melbourne team are here to help! We speak to customers via phone, video or in-person at your place (or our Melbourne office!). We'll talk you through cost-effective strategies and features for your next purchase.

How can our Mortgage Broker Melbourne team help?

We work hard to make sure you get the best outcome on your home loan. That includes using our expertise and knowledge to get you the rigth interest rate, features and structure you need. Our award winning Mortgage Broker Melbourne team are here to support you through the entire journey. 

  • We do all the research for you & handpick some loans to show you.
  • We workshop solutions if your needs are a bit outside the box.
  • We have 35+ lenders on our panel - including the big banks.
  • We help you put your documentation together.
  • We complete the paperwork & submit to the lender.
  • We chase it up on your behalf & make sure it's going smoothly.
  • We keep an eye on your loan in the long term.

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Our free home loan service

One of our favourite things about being Mortgage Choice brokers is that we offer our service at no cost. That's because your chosen lender pays us a commission when your home loan settles. It means we're focused on the best outcome for you - and not for us.

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We would love to help you

We truly believe we can add value to every person we speak to. It's because we're passionate about what you need from your home loan.

Our Mortgage Broker Melbourne team want to make the process as easy as we can for you. We are happy to chat via phone or video, in our office or meet you at a place that suits you.

Call the Mortgage Broker Melbourne team on 03 9681 8182 or book an appointment below.

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