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At Mortgage Choice Mornington, we understand there are special times in life when you may need a little extra cash. You might want a bit extra to plan your dream wedding, pay for more education or finish renovating.  Mortgage Choice in Mornington have hundreds of great personal loans from their panel of lenders.

How can a personal loan help me?

A personal loan is a short term loan of typically 5-7 years, often with interest rates higher than that of mortgages but lower than that of a credit card, offering a useful solution for those special occasions. If you are thinking about renovating your home, consolidating your debt or thinking about taking a family holiday, it may be worth speaking with your local Mornington Peninsula mortgage brokers. 

Is it the best option for me?

To answer this, we would need to look at your own personal financial situation. What we don't want is a personal loan that's going to take years for you to pay off, putting you in more long term debt. However, if you need to boost your cash flow, a personal loan can often be a better option that a credit card, and can provide you with a lump sum at a lower interest rate. 

This means you could be paying it off faster than you would a credit card, and more of your repayment goes to paying off the principal part of the personal loan and not just the interest.


Using a personal loan to consolidate debt


Debt is stressful. And while we work to find the right loans for our clients, we are passionate that you don't stay in a high interest debt for longer than you have to. If you have a number of small debts - like a credit card debt, car loan or education debts - a personal loan could be a great option! 

You could pay all your smaller debts off, and just deal with one low interest rate loan. 

We'll help you look at your options. The first step to your debt-free future is to book a time to chat with Mortgage Choice in Mornington.

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