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Property eBooks | Rosanna, Ivanhoe & Heidelberg

We have put together a range of useful eBooks to guide you through each step of the property journey. Our team at Mortgage Choice in Rosanna is passionate about making sure you feel informed on each step of the process. 

When you're ready to get started, give us a call on 0419 587 863 or click on the Contact Us button at the top of the page. In the meantime, do some quick sums with our home loan calculators or read our property blog. 

Read about the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme here.

Property Ownership

This guide outlines the essential steps to achieving property ownership, starting from the first appointment with a mortgage broker all the way to settlement.

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Your Guide to: Refinancing | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Reviewing and refinancing your home loan is an important part of making sure that it still suits you, and that you're not paying more than you should be in interest. Find out more about the process of refinancing and how we can help, with our free e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna. Read: 4 factors to consider when refinancing your home loan

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Factsheet: First Home Buyer Incentives in VIC | Mortgage Broker Rosanna

Buying your first home is an exciting step, which can be made more exciting by the range of grants and incentives available to you. Not sure which ones you would be eligible for? Download our free factsheet from the Mortgage Broker Rosanna team to find out more! We've outline the basics for you, and can help you figure out your eligibility. Click here to read more about our first home buyer service.

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Guide: Understanding Guarantors | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Before you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your first home, it's good to explore all your options. A guarantor loan might be the perfect way for you to get into your first home faster. This e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna & Ivanhoe explains what a guarantor is, and how they could benefit you.

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Your Guide to: Investing in property | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Spending your money on an investment property could be a great way to build your portfolio for the future or top up your income. But what finance options are available? And what are the tax implications? There's plenty of benefits to be had. Download our free e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna to find out more about purchasing an investment property. Read: Guest blog: Should I invest in a house or an apartment?

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Your Guide to: buying your next home | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Your next home can be an exciting step up into a new home and perhaps a new area. And some great news is that there is a wide range of finance options available. Find out more about buying your next home in our free e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna. Read: How much difference does interest make to my repayments?

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Factsheet: The HomeBuilder $25,000 Grant | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

A $25,000 cash grant could go a long way in your new build or renovation, which is exactly what you could claim through the HomeBuilder Grant. Announced as part of the COVID-19 economic support package, the grant is available to owner occupiers (including first home buyers) building a new home or significantly renovating their existing one. But there are eligibility criteria to consider. Download our free factsheet from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna. Click here to read more about HomeBuilder.

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Factsheet: Home Loan Features explained | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Choosing the home loan features you want is an important step of the home loan journey. Features like an offset account or redraw facility can give you a lot of flexibility with your home loan and repayments. Find out more about the home loan features you can get by downloading the free factsheet from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna. Read: Things to know before making an offer to buy a property

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Factsheet: The difference between fixed and variable rates | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

If you have wondered about the difference between fixed and variable interest rates on your home loani n the past - this factsheet will help! Download yours today from the team at Mortgage Choice in Rosanna & Ivanhoe. Download our free e-guide: buying your first home.

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Your Guide to: building your home | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

If you're about to enter the exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) journey of building your own home this e-guide is for you. We'll cover the range of finance options available, how to structure your loans to minimise interest and give you a general overview of what the construction process looks like. Download your copy from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna.

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Your Guide to: Conveyancing | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

Many Australians aren't sure where a conveyancer fits into their home purchasing journey. The truth is, your conveyancer could help you save time and money, and ensure that your purchase is fair and transparent. Download our free e-guide on Conveyancing from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna to find out more about the process, and why it matters. Read: What does a conveyancer do?

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Factsheet: The associated costs of property purchase | Rosanna & Ivanhoe

When it comes to buying your property there are a few basic costs outside of your deposit that you need to be prepared for. Costs include tax, any associated construction costs, loan application costs & other purchase costs such as insurance and pest inspections. There's a lot to consider. Find out exactly what you might need to pay with our Factsheet from Mortgage Choice in Rosanna & Ivanhoe. Click here to view our mortgage calculators.

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