Home renovation: the answer to an improved lifestyle?

It would seem that Australians’ addiction to DIY television shows is being felt closer to home, with 43% of homeowners planning a renovation.

June 18, 2013

It would seem that Australians' addiction to DIY television shows is being felt closer to home, with 43% of homeowners planning a renovation.

Speaking about the findings from the 2013 Homeowners' Intention Survey (the Survey) of over 1,000 Australian mortgage holders, Belinda Williamson, Head of Corporate Affairs at Mortgage Choice, said that of those looking to renovate, over 77% regard this as a means to improve their quality of living.

“While renovations can potentially increase the value of a property, our survey results show that the purpose for many Australians is to improve their lifestyle by customising their home to suit them,” said Ms Williamson.

“This lifestyle focus was further highlighted by the fact that of those Australians intending to renovate, 15% were looking to renew their outdoor entertainment area first. This was among the top three most popular areas to renovate and followed upgrading the kitchen and bathroom at 28% and 27% of respondents, respectively.”

The Survey also revealed that of those intending to renovate, 54% are planning major cosmetic renovations such as retiling or replacing cupboards, while 27% are planning major structural changes including changing the layout of the home and 19% are planning minor cosmetic changes like a coat of paint.

“Once you have settled on a renovation plan, it's important to turn your attention to how you intend to fund the project. Depending on the scale of changes, there may be a number of different finance options to consider such as a loan top up, personal loan, line of credit loan or even a construction loan,” Ms Williamson said.

To help homeowners make the right finance decisions when renovating to create their dream home, Ms Williamson says asking for specialist help is a sensible idea.

“A good first step is to talk to a local mortgage broker to clarify your property goals. Following that, they can help you assess the nuts and bolts of the finance options most closely aligned with your needs and circumstances,” said Ms Williamson.

When considering how much homeowners were intending to spend on their renovation plans, the Survey found 72% had budgeted between $0 and $20,000, 20% had allowed between $20,001 and $50,000, and 9% had set aside over $50,000 to create their ideal home.

While renovating is a great way to make lifestyle improvements, Ms Williamson encouraged homeowners to consider a number of factors before redesigning their home, including but not limited to:

  • Avoid over capitalising: Investigate whether you can achieve your renovation without over capitalisingon the investment, that is, when the cost of the project outweighs the value it will add to your property.
  • Add up all the costs: Do your homework so you know what costs you are up for from the beginning. Be realistic about what you can achieve with the budget you set yourself, and be sure to stick with it.
  • Have a good builder on board: Undertake sufficient research to decide if you have chosen a builder and/or tradesperson who is fit for your renovation plans. Ask them for detailed quotes and testimonials.

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About the survey

Market research company Nine Rewards was commissioned by Mortgage Choice to conduct the 2013 Homeowner Intentions Survey. The Survey was completed by 1,032 Australians who have a mortgage and have been a homeowner for two or more years. The Survey was conducted in mid May 2013. Note, the figures in the media release commentary have been rounded to the nearest whole percentage point.

Important information

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