How much can you save by refinancing?

Do you want to lower your home loan repayments? Mortgage Choice home loan health checks are a free service to help you save. And with interest rates on the rise, now is the right time to have an expert in your corner to help you find a better deal on your home loan.
How much can you  save by refinancing?

What we'll do for you

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Negotiate for you

We will contact your lender and try to negotiate a better interest rate on your behalf.

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Compare thousands of loans

Mortgage Choice brokers can help you access market leading rates from over 30 lenders.

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We do the hard work

Our brokers will help with the paperwork and follow through the entire process from start to finish with the lender to simplify the application process.

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From applying to buying, at Mortgage Choice, you’re never a loan.

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MC Loan Checks explained

  • Why would you need a loan check?

    A home loan health check is a smart option if you are:

    • thinking about topping up your home loan;
    • coming to the end of a fixed rate term;
    • aiming to pay off your home sooner;
    • looking to reduce or lock in your repayments;
    • planning renovations; or
    • considering buying an investment property.

    We'll evaluate and compare your loan with hundreds of others by taking into account rates, fees and features to make sure you have the loan that's right for you.

  • What is MC Loan Checks?

    MC Loan Checks is a programme designed to help keep you on the best home loan rate for you.

    Self-sorting the right home loan can be pretty daunting, especially in the current environment. That’s why our team of experts are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • How MC Loan Checks can help you?

    Mortgage Choice Loan Checks is our exciting program that helps you know sooner if you’re getting a great deal on your home loan. It’s fast, easy and it could put money back in your pocket. And right now, saving matters.

Don’t delay

In the current environment, no home owner can afford to just assume their loan offers good value. Chances are, there is scope for you to save. That’s why our team of experts are ready to show you how much you could save with a more competitive rate.

We work with over 30 lenders – some exclusive to mortgage brokers. So we can show you rates you won’t find elsewhere. Even better, our home loan service comes at no charge to you because the lender pays us after your loan settles.

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Considering refinancing? Our guide explains the reasons, costs and steps involved in refinancing your home loan.

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