First Home Owner Grant Questionnaire

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As each state has its own set of rules for the First Home Owner Grant eligibility, it is important to understand the guidelines that apply for your area.

This questionnaire will cover all the relevant eligibility criteria for your state and a broker will be able to use this to advise on your eligibility and assist you with applying for the FHOG.

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2. Current situation
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Please select the state in which you intend to purchase property:

Previously received FHOG?

Will this be the first time each applicant and their spouse/de facto receives a grant under the First Home Owner Grant Act 2000 in any State or Territory of Australia?

Previously owned property?

Has each applicant and their spouse/de facto ever owned or owned and occupied a residential property, either jointly, separately or with some other person, in any State or Territory of Australia before 1 July 2000?*

Natural person?

Is each of the applicant(s) a natural person? (ie. not a company)?

Permanent resident/citizen

Is at least one applicant a permanent resident or citizen of Australia?

Principal place of residence

Will at least one of the applicant(s) be occupying the home as their principal place of residence within 12 months of either settlement or completion of construction?

Has each applicant on or after 1 July 2000:

Entered into a Contract of Sale or Agreement for the purchase of a home?

Signed a contract to have a home built on their vacant land?

In cases of an owner-builder, commenced laying of foundations of a home on their vacant land?

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