3 steps to really get to know your customers

Let’s start at the beginning. Now, this is something so many of us surprisingly seem to skip over. You may come up with a fantastic idea for a product or service, or buy into an existing business, but you aren’t clear on exactly who you’re selling to. You may know the problem you’re solving, but haven’t whittled down to exactly who your target market is.

It’s just not enough to say ‘I’m here for anyone who wants to buy a property’ and then hope a general approach to your sales and marketing plan works for them. You need to be clear or who you’re talking to and what they need.

  1. Go back to the beginning and take a look at your target market’s demographics. If you don’t have this sort of information, find it! It’s ideal to know at the very least their age, location, household income, who they live with or if they live alone and their occupation.
  2. Then dig a little deeper and find out their psychographics. These are your customers’ values, their wants and needs. It’s looking at how they spend their free time, what keeps them up at night and what’s most important to them. Find out what makes them tick so you can tailor your content accordingly. These are definitely tougher details to get hold of but you can do so through surveys, asking questions on social media, testing particular advertisements or promotions, and measuring the response.
  3. Once you have the above information, you’ll find it a lot easier to develop the right ways to communicate with your customers.  Spend time where they are, do your research, be clear on your message and deliver customised, helpful content that will speak to your audience and help solve their problems.