Are you broking blindfolded?

As a mortgage broker, finding your clients the right home loan is the basis of what you do. But for your clients, their home loan is only one part of the property buying equation; the other part is the property itself. So, what if you could influence this part of the buying process to provide your clients with a truly holistic service?

By combining property data and insights with mortgage broking you may be able to do just that. And the result could be better outcomes for your clients and a better, more value-driven, business for you. Here’s how.

How to add value to the client relationship with property data

Good mortgage broking is about more than simply matching clients with the right loan. It’s also about seeing the bigger picture of the property market and the context in which that loan sits and then helping your client understand that also.

For example:

  • Does your client understand the market that they’re buying into? Is the value of property rising or falling?
  • If they’re buying an investment property, what has capital growth been like, and where are vacancy rates and rental yields?
  • What can past trends and market data tell us about the future?

By having access to market data, your clients will be better positioned to make informed property decisions. In the process, you’ll be adding both value and depth to the client relationship.

Connecting the dots

Banking and property are connected in many ways. After all, purchasing property usually drives the need for finance, and finance drives most property purchases.

So the obvious link between property data and the mortgage industry is one-way savvy brokers can offer a better customer experience and strengthen the client relationship.