Could refinancing cure that post-holiday debt headache?

At the end of the holidays, it can sometimes be difficult getting back into the normal routine of everyday life.

Overindulgence of all sorts can come back to haunt us in the early months of the new year and that is just as much the case with financial concerns as it is with dietary ones!

Just as too much Christmas cake can make the morning jog a bit harder in January, overspending during the holiday period can make meeting your financial goals in the New Year seem like a bit more of a challenge.

Perhaps it is time to have a fresh look at your finances? This can be advantageous for a number of reasons.

It's always good to regularly review your income and expenses, especially with regard to savings or debt payment goals.

This is particularly so in the wake of periods of high spending. That's because while it is important to keep on track to achieve your goals, it is just as important to keep those goals achievable by employing a realistic strategy.

If, for example, keeping your savings commitment for your home loan deposit means that you have to start skipping meals, you know it is time to adjust the goalposts!

Moving back the finish line of a savings goal can give you a bit more breathing space in the short term while you pay debts off.

Similarly, if you are a homeowner and have run up debts over Christmas, negotiating a lower mortgage repayment figure could give you more cashflow to pay down higher interest credit card debt.

A mortgage adviser can provide expert advice on home loan refinancing. They will identify which refinance product is right for you based on interest rates, fees, terms and conditions and other features.