Refinance Cashback Offers

Refinance your home loan and you could be eligible for up to $6,000 cashback^.

Up to date as at January 2022

What is a refinance cashback offer?

Cashback deals are a marketing incentive some lenders use to attract new customers looking to refinance their existing loan.  

Is a cashback deal on a home loan better than a low rate?

A cashback offer can sound very tempting. But your home loan is a long term financial commitment, so it makes good financial sense to to know which puts you ahead over time - a lower rate or a cash payment. Some lenders are offering cashbacks - worth up to $6,000** when you refinance.

But is that a better deal than a low rate? Contact your Mortgage Choice broker to crunch the numbers and let you know for sure, or fast track your enquiry with our free home loan quote and get started below.

What home loan refinance cashback offers are available?

As of 1 January 2022, the following refinance cashback offers are available from our panel of lenders~
Transparent Lenderlogo Citi 200X200
$6,000 expires 31/01/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo Great Southern Bank 200X200
$3,000 expires 31/01/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo BOQ 200X200
$3,000 expires 31/01/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo ANZ 200X200
$3,000 expires 25/02/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo Bankwest 200X200
$2,000 expires 25/02/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo ME Bank 200X200
$3,000 expires 28/02/2022

Transparent Lenderlogo St George 200X200
$3,000 expires 28/02/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo Westpac 200X200
$3,000 expires 28/02/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo HSBC 200X200
$3,288 expires 31/03/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo ING 200X200
$3,000 expires 31/03/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo Newcastle Permanent 200X200
$2,000 expires 31/03/2022
Transparent Lenderlogo Suncorp 200X200
$3,000 expires 29/04/2022

It is important to understand that each lender has its own eligibility requirements when it comes to a refinance cashback offer and that offers are usually only available for a limited time. 

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Why choose Mortgage Choice?

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They can contact your current lender and try to negotiate a better rate on your behalf. And,  if your current lender won’t budge on your rate, your broker can let you know in just a few minutes if a better deal is available. 

Your Mortgage Choice broker works closely with over 25 lenders and is up to speed on each lender’s rates, fees, special offers, borrowing limits and all the information your broker needs to make an informed recommendation on which loan and lender is right for you.

Is refinancing worth the fuss?

Refinancing refers to the process of paying out your current home loan by taking out a new loan, either with your existing lender or through a different lender.

Here Joel Gibson, Money-saving expert & author of Kill Bills!, explains the process of refinancing and explains how refinancing can help save you on your home loan.

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Refinancing cashback offer FAQs

No, cashback offers are only available by select lenders. In order to get cash back when you refinance you will need to meet the eligibility requirements of that specific lender and apply for a refinance within the period the cashback offer is available.

A cashback refinance usually works by the lender offering a lump sum of cash as an incentive to refinance your existing home loan from your current lender. There are many banks out there offering cashback deals where the funds are paid once the refinance is completed and your home loan has been switched.

Cashback on a mortgage refers to cashback offers advertised by lenders to entire customers to switch their mortgage over. The cashback provided does not usually require the funds to be used to pay towards the mortgage.

The answer to this depends on the product you’re in. It is of course important to not just assume that because you have a cashback deal you’ll be better off over the long term as factors such as the interest rates between lenders and fees associated with refinancing need to be considered. It is best to speak with a Mortgage Choice broker to know for sure if you’re getting a great deal.

The eligibility requirements can vary between lenders, however in most cases cashback offers are available to both investment and owner occupied home loans. It is best to speak with your local broker to ensure your home loan is eligible for cashback offers.

Similarly as above, many lenders will have a certain criteria of what type of home loans are included with a cashback offer. This can of course vary between lenders, however, many offers do include the option to refinance to a fixed or variable rate home loan.