3 kitchen renovation tips

For a lot of people, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s a place to share meals, entertain and catch up over the day’s events. If this is the case for you and your family, taking out a construction loan could be just the ticket to the create the space you’ve always wanted – and it could even add value to your home, too. Here are a few ideas to help you plan and design your perfect kitchen.

Island life

Want to create a focal point? You can’t go past a kitchen island. It can become a place that gravitate to and gather around, as well as helping with flow when you’re cooking up a storm. It also gives you a chance to play around with textures and finishes – go all out with beautiful natural materials like granite, marble or timber.

Or, if you’re watching the pennies, opt for similar-looking varieties for a fraction of the price.  Laminate covering can be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, while a practical option like stainless steel lends an industrial quality.

To the floor

A kitchen makeover should take your lifestyle into account – and the floors in this area should also be able to stand up to watch ever you throw at them. Timber boards are a hard-wearing possibility and offer a traditional lean, while linoleum comes in a big range of colours, textures and finishes. Polished concrete is another on-trend, durable variety you could choose, but it might need a slightly bigger financial commitment. Don’t worry, though. By refinancing your home loan, you can tap into the extra funds needed to achieve this sought-after look.